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2 1 Tartan 
Covenant College 
Lookout Mountain, GA 


The goal of the Tartan is to seek to be 
an accurate representation of Cov- 
enant College as a whole over the 
year, covering everything from the 
basketball team to the philosophy 
club, and from the widows' ministry to 
the brass choir. Not only is the content 
of the book to be an accurate reflec- 
tion of the college, but so is the 
theme. And that is why we have cho- 
sen "In the Light." As trite as it may 
seem, it truly captures the college 
motto--"ln all Things, Chirst Pre-emi- 
nent." Just as Christ is to be pre-emi- 
nent in all that we do here at Cov- 
enant, so are all things to be done in 
the light of God's Word. 




Its vast and diverse array of clubs and 
activities is certainly one of Covenant's 
unique traits. And the fact that the clubs 
are all initiated, funded, and run by stu- 
dents themselves insures that they are 
an accurate expression of the Covenant 
community itself. 


Mark Slavosky and Sophia Long are all smiles 
now that they're done with their elass meetings 
for the day. Orientation is no longer as laid back 
as it once was, but now includes rigorous study- 
ing in the new Christian Mind course. 

Which way to Founders? Moving in on the first 
day of orientation can be a bit confusing, but 
with people like Ian Work on the job directing 
traffic, everything is sure to run smoothly. 

Every year freshman 
learn how to be ser- 
vants in the community 
through the amateur 
project. Rebekah Tuggy 
and John Goodman 
prepare some four-by- 
fours to help make a 
parking lot for a local 
Spanish mission. 

6 Student Life: Events 


Once again, fresh- 
men and trans- 
ferred were wel- 
comed by a slew of 
returning students, 
including R.A.s 
and dorm staff, 
ready to whisk all 
of their belongings 
to rooms which the 
freshmen had 
never seen. After 
finding all of their stuff, meet- 
ing their roommates and set- 
tling into their rooms, the 
freshmen were ready to begin 
a rigorous week in which they 
were the first to experience the 
new Christian Mind class. 
Many of you will remember 
when freshmen orientation felt 
like camp, and some will re- 

" Amateur 

Project was 

really good 

because it put 

feet to your 


-Luke Trader 

member the week 
of Self in Society 
lectures last year, 
but none have ex- 
perienced what 
this year's fresh- 
men did. They ar- 
rived at Covenant, 
having already 
read The Idea of a 
Christian College 
by Arthur Holmes 
and having written exten- 
sively on the topic. Then, 
they spent most of their week 
in classes on the topic. The 
students did, as many students 
have in years past, spend one 
day serving the communty 
through Amateur Project. 

Susannah Perry sings from her heart during a 
time of prayer and praise with her small group. 

Small groups provide a great way to begin build- 
ing a student 's first friendships at college. 

fared Farquhar and Brynne Osborn take a break 
on the lawn after playing some of the favorite 
orientation "get-to-know -you" games. During 
orientation there are so many new people to meet 
that the "silly" games are often helpful for re- 
membering names. 

Student Life: Events 7 

"Diamond Dan " sings another great oldie at the 
Sock Hop. The music was enjoyed by people of 
all ages as alumni, faculty, and students all turned 
out for die fun evening. 

Dr. Hanun emphatically conducts the Madrigal 
singers during the concert. The concert serves as 
an exciting foretaste to the great music to come 
at the Madrigal dinners in December. 

Becca Holmes, Corrin 
Ranney, and Heather 
Rantal step out in their 
best poodle skirts for 
the Sock Hop. After a 
busy week, including 
the start of mid-terms in 
many classes, students 
were glad for the 
chance to kick back on 
a Friday night. 

8 Student Life: Events 

A Time to 
Come Together 

Homecoming is al- 
ways a joyful time 
and it is made all the 
more special when 
friends, family, and 
alumni are able to 
come visit for the 
festivities. This year 
was no exception 
and one event, in 
fact, made it espe- 
cially memorable. 
This year marked Dr. John 
Hamm's 30th year teaching 
music at Covenant and after this 
spring he will retire. The home- 
coming concert, dedicated to 
Dr. Hamm, was packed out as 
all in attendance knew what a 
touching evening it would be. 
As an extra-special treat the 
chorale was joined by all cho- 

"It was so 
great to be 
able to see so 
many of the 
alumni come 
for homecom- 
ing . " 


rale almuni present 
in the audience for 
a special encore to 
the concert. The 
stage was overflow- 
ing with students 
and alumni, all who 
had at one point 
been touched by 
Hamm" s gift of mu- 
sic to the college. 
The chorale concert 
was followed by another con- 
cert, a homecoming Sock Hop 
with music by Diamond Dan 
and the Cut Gems, an oldies 
music band made up of alumni. 
The band had played a reunion 
concert at homecoming two 
years ago and everyone was 
glad to hear them again. 

The chorale is joined by alumni chorale singers 
for a special joint encore in honor of Dr. Hamm. 

It was quite a magnificent sound and all those 
involved were able to sing their thanks to Dr. 
Hamm for all that he has done for music at Cov- 

Jenny Brown and Eric Towers play along with 
the Brass Choir during the homecoming concert. 

The musicians are always grateful for the oppor- 
tunity to play for friends and family. 

Student Life: Events 9 

''Come on over here sweetie! " Jared Farquhar 
and Rachel Hackenberger are having a blast at 
the annual " girl-ask-guy " event. 

Chris Holton shows his friends how to really let 
loose and move with the music. Many students 
kicked off their shoes that night in true hillbilly 

Rebecca Hurley and a 
friend from a neighbor- 
ing collge clap along 
to the music. Everyone 
enjoyed the laid-back 
atmosphere and live 
music really set the 
stage for fun. 

1 Student Life: Events 

Pull Out Ihoee 
Cowboy &oote 

"The music 
was so much 

fun and it 
worked really 
well to set the 
atmosphere. " 

When you 
see couples every- 
where dressed in 
cowboy hats, boots 
and overalls you 
know that once again 
CAB has come 
through to put to- 
gether another great -Bailey Martz 
Kilter. Despite the 
difficulty with Kilter 
falling on the same 
night as Madrigal tickets sales, 
everything still ran smoothly. Kil- 
ter was moved from the Great 
Hall to a large yellow tent filled 
with hay, bluegrass music, candy 
apples, and dancin' out on the 
Chapel lawn. This enabled stu- 
dents to hold their position in the 
Madrigal line while still being 
able to attend the "Farmyard Fan- 

dango. " The great 
music was certainly 
one of the highlights 
of the evening. The 
band played country 
favorites as well as 
some of their own 

Kilter also in- 
cluded many fun fall 
activities such as 
pumpkin carving 
and bobbing for apples. Despite 
the somewhat chilly air outside, 
it was quite warm inside the tent 
with all of the great dancing and 
music. A few students rebelled a 
bit against the country theme by 
dressing out in their best leather 
and punk garb. It was all in good 
fun and they brought many a 
smile to those in attendance. 

Pigtails were quite the fashion that evening and 
Julie Swanson and Michelle Toner were no ex- 
ception. The country theme brought out some 
great western gear as students came in their best 
boots and cowboy hats. 

Jade Alger, Joey Redd, and Josh Wise get down 
with some crazy two-stepping. Now that there is 
no longer a dancing restriction, students were 
able to visit local country dance clubs in order to 
get in good practice for the evening. 

Student Life: Events 1 1 

"But even a momentary separation from anyone 
to whom one has just been introduced is almost 
unbearable. " - Tonia McKenna as Cecily Cardew 
and Mark Slavovsky as Algernon Moncrieff 

"Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit; touch 
it and the bloom is gone. The whole theory of 
modern education is radically unsound. Fortu- 
nately in England, at any rate, education pro- 
duces no effect whatsoever. " - Christine Iris 
Alston as Ladx Bracknell 

"But why does your 
aunt call you her uncle? 
'From little Cecily with 
her fondest love to her 
dear Uncle Jack. ' there 
is no objection, I admit, 
to an aunt being a small 
aunt, but why an aunt, 
no matter what her size 
may be, should call her 
own nephew her uncle, 
I can 7 quite make out. 
Besides, your name 
isn 7 Jack at all; it is 
Ernest. ' - Mark 
Slavovsky as Algernon 
and Joel Pettigrew as 
Jack Worthing. 

1 2 Student Life: Events 

Tha Importance 

"We live, I regret 
to say, in an age of 
surfaces," is a line 
that succinctly en- 
capsulates the 
theme of this 
year's fall play. 
The Drama Asso- 
ciation performed 
the Victorian com- 
edy of manners by 
Oscar Wilde, 
"The Importance of Being 
Earnest." The dedicated cast 
and crew presented four per- 
formances Preview Week- 
end, including a Saturday 
matinee by the commited un- 
derstudies. Brynne Osborn, 
who played Gwendolyn 
Fairfax, stated, "I wasn't ex- 
pecting much from 

"It is a terrible 

thing for a man 

to find that all 

his life he has 

been speaking 

nothing but the 

truth. " 

--Oscar Wilde 

Covenant's The- 
atre Program, and 
was very happy to 
find out that it 
greatly exceeded 
my expectations." 
The cast ably 
handled the witty 
repartee required 
by Wilde's 

style, much to the 
delight of the audience. The 
butlers glided their way 
through choreographed scene 
changes in front of the audi- 
ence. The crew kept the 
show running beautifully. 
All of this contributed to an- 
other successful theatrical un- 
dertaking by the Drama As- 


"The precept as well as the practice of the primi- 
tive church was distinctly against matrimony. ' 
"That is obviously the reason why the primitive 
church has not lasted up to the present day." - 

Chris Kornman Rev. Chasuble and Michelle 
Hi g gins. 

"Gwendolyn, will you marry me?" - Joel 
Pettigrew as Jack and Brynne Osborn as 
Gwendolyn Fairfax 

Student Life: Events 1 3 

The Brass Choir plays out a melodious tune to 
welcome the guests to the dinner. The warm 
sounds of brass music is always reminiscent of 
the holidays and it is no exception here. 

The harpsichord gives a very traditional sound 
to the music played at the Madrigal dinner. Jes- 
sica Hudson gladly lends her expertise to the en- 
joyment of all listening. 

A musician of many tal- 
ents, Dr. Steele plays 
three different recorder 
for some of the music 
during the dinner. Dr. 
Steele also conducted 
the Brass choir and 
thus was quite busy 
throughout the 


1 4 Student Life: Events 


The banners 
are hung, the trees 
are lit; and it is clear 
that Christmas has 
come to Covenant 
and it's time for the 
annual Madrigal din- 
ners. The first week- 
end in December is 
always an exciting 
one as the music de- 
partment presents 
three consecutive nights of great 
music and great food all in the 
traditional Elizabethan style. 

The dinners seek to 
implement many aspects of the 
Elizabethan era, and the Great 
Hall provides the perfect atmo- 
sphere. Courses included pork, 
chicken, bread bowl soup, fruit 
and nuts and even flaming plum 

"I've been 

coming to the 


dinners for 

sixteen years 

and this is the 

best singing 

I've heard 

yet. " 



pudding. The din- 
ners also offer many 
job opportunities for 
students needing to 
earn some Christmas 
money. Jobs can be 
found in the kitchen, 
checking coats, or 
even serving food as 
one of the sixteen 

The hard work 
of all who were involved was 
seen in the great success of the 
three evenings. The last evening 
of the dinner was truly made 
memorable by even the weather. 
As the guests were leaving, a 
light snow began to fall cover- 
ing Carter hall in a delicate white 

One of the favorite courses of the meal is always 
the bread bowl soup. Here, Sarah Ireland and 
David Illman enjoy the good food and magical 
atmosphere of the evening. 

"We wish you a merry Christmas..." The Madri- 
gal singers pour their hearts into the music while 
entertaining the guests. Months of hard practice 
really paid off. 

Student Life: Events 1 5 

The Friday night concert featuring Sandra 
McCracken was one of the many great weekend 
activities offered by the Campus Activities hoard. 

Hey Joe, wait up! Joe Cogliandro climbs his way 
to the top displaying great climbing skills and 
also a fun way to spend a Saturday. 

All dressed up for an 
evening out at the sym- 
phony. Jenny Pankratz, 
Abigail Lundelius, Ho- 
sanna Tamminga, and 
Emily Jordan are ready 
for an evening out. The 
Chattanooga Sym- 
phony also features 
quite a few great Cov- 
enant musicians. 

1 6 Student Life: Events 


Whan Friday 
KoWe Around... 

The week- 
end is here and 
many options await 
students for how to 
use their blessed 
two-day respite. 
Chattanooga and 
the surrounding area 
offers many oppor- 
tunities. Being only 
two hours from At- 
lanta, students often 
enjoy spending a Saturday at 
Six Flags theme park. In Down- 
town Chattanooga one can find 
great restaurants, entertainment 
and of course, Coolidge Park. 
The park is only a year old and 
is quite a favorite of many stu- 
dents. It has a great water foun- 
tain, a carousel, and plenty of 
open field are for playing 

"/ personally 

prefer to use 

my weekend to 

catch up on all 

the sleep I 

missed during 

the week. " 


frisbee. The Tivoli 
theatre and Memo- 
rial Auditorium are 
also located down- 
town. Going to the 
symphony, opera, 
or contemporary 
concerts is a popu- 
lar way to spend a 
Friday night. 

The weekend is 
also a time to get 
some real work done. Perhaps 
the library isn't the most excit- 
ing place to be on a Saturday, 
but the benefits balance out in 
the end. Be it catching up on 
reading, finishing up an impor- 
tant paper, or focusing on SIP 
research, many students appre- 
ciate the weekend time to work 
on academic pursuits. 

Bethany LoPiccolo, Lael Rodriguez, and Becky 
Deprine are "all dressed up" in their silliest styles 
for a late night trip to the Waffle House. When 
staying up late on a Saturday night, some people 
get just a little bit crazy. 

Diving right into the weekend is John Patterson. 

He and his hallmates enjoy the hospitality of the 
Brocks, who lent their pool to the guys for the 

Student Life: Events 1 7 

That 's quite a big bunch and not surprising ei- 
ther as the trip to Scotland is a favorite every 
year. Students not only enjoy the ministry oppor- 
tunities in a place that needs it so desperately, 
but they also appreciate the beautiful surround- 

Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Higgins are just 
too silly for words as they play around one of the 
floor mattresses at the Bowery Mission. Being 
able to actually stay at the Bowery gave the stu- 
dents the opportunity to have a closer connec- 
tion with the men who live in the mission. 

Hey, over here, take my 
picture! Emily Jordan 
and Deborah Peele 
have fun hanging out 
with some very ener- 
getic kids down in 
Daytona Beach, 


1 8 Student Life: Events 


Breaking Old 

March college stu- 
dents from around 
the U.S. to around 
the globe embark on 
great relaxing/excit- 
ing/thrill seeking ad- 
ventures- it must be 
spring break. How- 
ever, 59 Covenant 
students decided to 
do things a little dif- 
ferently this year. They partici- 
pated in the annual Break on 
Impact trips that send students 
across the U.S and to farther 
parts of the world to use their 
time off in the service of the 
Lord. While many students are 
busy working on their tans, 
these selfless students are 
spreading the gospel as well as 

"I loved the 
opportunity to 
wittness to the 

homeless in 
New York last 

year and I 

couldn 't wait to 

go back again 

this year" 


helping the minis- 
tries of full-time mis- 
sionaries working 
with Mission to the 
World. This year 
students traveled to 
Daytona Beach, 
Florida, the Bowery 
Mission in New 
York City as well 
as international des- 
tinations such as 
Scotland, Uganda, Turkey and 
South Africa. This was the first 
year for the trips to Turkey and 
South Africa and many stu- 
dents hope that they will be in- 
cluded again in the future. The 
students in South Africa had the 
opportunity to learn puppet 
ministry with Agape Puppets 
ministry leader Linda Summer. 


Fresh off the plane in Istanbul, the Turkey team 
stops to capture the moment. Some of the high- 
lights of the trip to Turkey were all of the histori- 
cal New Testament which the group was able to 

Dr. Krabbendam points out some land as Josh 
Emrich and others look on. The land is an area 
in which Dr. Krabbendam is currently planning 
to build a house. 

Student Life: Events 1 9 

Members of the chorale are having a blast as the 
chorale tour makes one of its stops in Philadel- 
phia. Chorale students love the opportunity to 
tour regions of the U.S. while sharing their gift of 
music over the break. 

Annaliese Gilman smiles as she looks out over 
the ocean. We're sure that thoughts of papers 
and tests are from her mind on this break. 

Hold that pose! Becca 

Norman gets a perfect 
shot of a sea gull while 
spending the break 
down in Florida. This 
little friend doesn 't 
look like he minds be- 
ing the center of atten- 
tion either. 

2 Student Life: Events 


We Getting a 
Utt\e Warmer 

When the 
weather begins to 
get a little warmer 
and the students get 
just a little bit more 
restless, you know 
what must be right 

around the corner- 
spring break. While 
some students take 
the time to kick back 
and relax on a 
sunny beach, others know that 
it is the perfect time to finish up 
an important paper or to devote 
some serious time to working 
on one's SIP. Whatever, the 
case, one think is always true, 
spring break is your time to 
spend as you please along with 
a little bit of extra sleeping-in 
in the process. 

"/ love going 

to Florida in 


Sprii ig...particnkirby 

when I get to 

spend the time 

with such great 

friends. " 


Many students 
head home for the 
break or wherever 
they find family. 
Karen Fink was 
able to visit her sis- 
ter Teresa in Peru 
while Krista Iverts 
went home to Colo- 
rado to help prepare 
for her sister' s wed- 
ding in the summer. 
A number of guys from Sub- 
urbs packed the tents along 
with them as they headed south 
to Florida to rough-it in the 
great outdoors on a camping 
trip. Spring break is definitely 
a great source of rejuvenation 
as students return much more 
refreshed and ready to tackle the 
rest of the semester. 

A large group of Covenant students hit the 
beaches for the break and this group took it all 
the way to the Bahamas to some of the best 
beaches in the world. 

Did you see anything interesting? Brien Meyer 
knows what he likes best about the Bahamas- the 
great snorkeling and amazing fish and coral reefs 
to be seen. 

Student Life: Events 2 1 

Natalia (Claire Larson) does a very good job at 
intimidating the weaker Lamov (Matt Hogg). 

Mrs. Popov (Emily Shaw) swears her undying 
devotion to her late husband while her man ser- 
vant Luka (McGee Lapish) pleads in vain. 

Chubukov (John 
Wykoff) eagerly ac- 
cepts Lamov' s pro- 
posal to his daughter. 

2 2 Student Life: Events 

A Little 3it 



This spring, 
the drama club put 
on two one act 
plays by Chekhov 
entitled "The Brute" ' 
and 'The Marriage 
Proposal." The 
plays were pre- 
sented on April 1 9th 
and 20th, perfect 
timing for a much 
needed break from 
studying. The Chekhov plays 
were farces, with the basic 
theme being the battle of the 
sexes, often leaving the Cov- 
enant students roaring with 

Directed by Claire Larson 
Assistant Director: Abigail 
Helpers: Janna Larson, Bekah 

"/ greatly 
enjoyed help- 
ing to direct 
the play this 
semester. The 
cast and crew 
did a wonder- 
ful job " 


Tuggy, Christi 
Alston, Mark Sla- 
vovsky, Moni Pap- 
pas The Brute 

Matt Carr: Smir- 


Emily Shaw: Mrs. 


McGee Lapish: 


The Marriage Proposal 

Mott Hogg: Ivan Vassilevitch 

Claire Larson: Natalia 


John Wykoff : Chubukov 

Lamov, weak with palpitations collapses in the 
chair with Natalia and Chubukov glaring. 

Mrs. Popov weeps over the photo of her late hus- 

Student Life: Events 2 3 

There's nothing but smiles coming from Alina 
Hansinger and Jessica Frailey. They enjoy a nice 
break from the excitement while watching the sun- 
set from the top deck. 

Presesident and Mrs. Brock join the fun up on 
the top deck. Students love the Brocks warm and 
friendly personality and always enjoy seeing them 
at events such as Spring Banquet. 

Bo Lancaster and 
Brynne Osborn enjoy 
the warm evening out- 
side. The view from the 
riverboat was beautiful 
and only enhanced by 
the setting sun. 

24 Student Life: Events 



on the River 

The flowers 
are in bloom and the 
night is set aside for 
dancing and dining. 
Covenant's annual 
Spring Banquet is 
always greatly an- 
ticipated and this 
year was no excep- 
tion. This year's 
banquet was held 
on the Southern 
Belle Riverboat which pro- 
vided great atmosphere, but a 
bit more limited space than in 
the past. As a result, CAB di- 
rector Iain Burguet was not sur- 
prised when tickets for the event 
sold out in the first day and a 
half. As mentioned, the 
riverboat did lend a great set- 
ting and with the warm evening 

"I had never 

been on the 

before and I 
was glad to get 

the chance 
before I gradu- 
ate this year. " 


temperatures many 
students chose to re- 
treat to the upper 
open-air deck of the 
boat to enjoy the 
scene of the smooth 
water and moon- 
light. Rather than a 
full meal as has 
been the case in the 
past, the banquet 
featured a wide ar- 
ray of hors d'ouvres instead. 
This helped to save space for 
the dance floor that was con- 
tinually full throughout the 
night. All were in agreement 
that the evening was indeed a 
success and were sad to see the 
boat docking at the end of the 
night, "the time just flew by " 
said Monica Linde. 

Liz Farnsworth gets a hug from Marcos Rivera 
before boarding the boat. The lovely weather al- 
lowed many of the ladies to wear sleeveless dresses 
that evening. 

Monica Linde and Justin Johnson take a break 
at a table after some lively dancing. The dance 
floor was full throughout the evening as students 
kicked off their shoes for a little more comfort. 

Student Life: Events 25 

.4 group of Maclellan hall residents soak up the 
afternoon sun while enjoying the music. We sure 
hope they remembered to put on some sunscreen. 

Tom Okie and Jade Alger entertain the crowd 
with their folk melodies. The ponytailed pair are 
a Covenant favorite and always bring out a large 

Head to Head. J a red 
Farquhar coaches from 
the sidelines as two of 
his friends fight to the 
finish in inflatable box- 
ing. So Jared, who's 
side are you on ? 

2 6 Student Life: Events 

Feet'wd Will 
Still live On 

spite the loss of the 
dear Baker Tree in 
its lovely corner of 
the chapel lawn, the 
Baker Tree Festival 
still lives on cel- 
ebrating good mu- 
sic, crazy fun, and 
the end of another 
year The chapel 
lawn was quite full 
for six hours straight as students 
donned tank tops and gathered 
to catch some of the sun's warm 
rays as well as Covenant's fin- 
est talent. Although there was 
a brief bit of afternoon rain, it 
in no way dampened the spirit 
of the festival. 

One of everyone's fa- 
vorite features of the festival is 

"The music 

was so great 

and its wonder 

fid to see so 

many talented 

students that 
enjoy perform- 
ing. " 

-Abby Hall 

the inflatable games, 
and this year CAB 
certainly did not dis- 
appoint those who 
came. The festival 
had an inflatable 
obstacle course, 
jousting, boxing 
and even human 
foosball. The 
evening was also 
complimented by 
hamburgers, sandwiches, 
brownies and the like as dinner 
was served out on the chapel 
lawn. It's not every night that 
one has such great entertain- 
ment to accompany the meal. 
The festival and music ran un- 
til 9:00 that evening making it 
possible for people to stop by 
anytime they could. 

Hang on Kelly, you can do it! Isaac Warded and 
Kelly Clarkson battle it out on in the inflatable 
jousting ring. 

Dan Adams concentrates on the beat as he per- 
forms in the afternoon. The Baker Tree Festival 
provides a great arena for showcasing Covenant 

Student Life: Events 27 

Carlos Canales, Anandit Mangalwadi, and Ana 
Varela wait for dinner to be served. 

Dr. Voskuil gives his final address as a faculty 
member of Covenant College. His presence will 
be missed greatly by students and other faculty 



Annaliese Oilman and 
senior Wes Hollowel 
are all smiles. 

2 8 Student Life: Events 

Sedor ganquefc 

Due to a very packed 
Great Hall last year, 
this year's annual se- 
nior banquet was 
held downtown at 
The Chattanooga- 
Hamilton County 
Trade & Convention 
Center. For the sec- 
ond year in a row, the 
featured speaker at 
Senior Banquet was 
history professor Dr. Louis 
Voskuil. He has been teaching 
at Covenant since 1972 and will 
be retiring this year. His pres- 
ence will be greatly missed by the 
history students and by other stu- 
dents who had the chance to take 
his core class, Contemporary 
Global History. As only he could 

"Dr. Voskuil' s 

speech was 

wonderful - the 

pinnacle of his 

career. " 


do, Dr. Voskuil made 
the graduates laugh 
even as he chal- 
lenged them about 
the futures that they 
have before him. In 
addition to Dr. 
Voskuil, graduates 
Mary Grace Rogers 
and Matt Novenson 
had the opportunity 
to address their 
classmates one last time. Over- 
all, Senior Banquet was a delight 
to all who attended. The night 
ended back at the college with 
the commencement concert, the 
President's reception, and much 
anticipation of the day that lay 

V / 

Nathan Maphet explains something to his 
housemate Matt Novenson. Senior Banquet is 
often the one last time that friends and roommates 
get to spend together before they graduate. 

Jamin Scribner's family and friends enjoy the 
meal at senior banquet. Many families join the 
Covenant graduates in celebration at the ban- 

Student Life: Events 29 


The graduates stand to sing "All For Jesus," a 
song that they have sung many times in their 
Covenant College careers, one last time. 


Krista Deustchmann addresses her class one last 
time. The student speakers are voted upon by the 
graduation class. 

Graduates process in to 
McKenzie arena as the 
bagpipies play and the 
faculty members watch. 



3 Student Life: Events 


"God is good, 

all the time. All 

the time, God is 

good. " 

Graduation is truly 
and end and a begin- 
ning. It is an end to 
dorm life, ARA 
food, searching for 
textbooks in the -Krista 

Tuck Shoppe, late Deutschmann 

night runs to Krispy quoting David 

Kreme, and freezing Yleah 

to death in air-con- 
ditioned classrooms. 
But hopefully, 
graduation is the beginning of 
many things as well, namely a 
life of learning, of serving God 
and His church, and of looking 
at everything in life through the 
eyes of scripture. This year's 
graduation, held at UTC's 
McKenzie Arena, was a time 
for students to reminisce about 
their years spent at Covenant, as 

graduates Krista 
Deutschmann and 
Pete Herron spoke. 
It was also a time to 
be exhorted by this 
year's speaker, Joel 
Belz. Graduation 
was a time to cel- 
ebrate with family 
and friends. But 
most importantly, it 
was a time to testify 
to God's faithfulness through the 
good times and the bad times 
and to praise Him for what He 
has done in each student's life. 
Even at graduation, Covenant's 
motto still held true, "In all things, 
Christ preeminent." 

Someone is a bit excited about graduation. For 

Nate Early, as for many others, graduation is a 
much awaited and anticipated day. 

Students listen intently to the commencement 
addressby Joel Belz, editor of World Magazine 
and father of graduate Esther Belz. 

Sudent Life: Events 3 1 


Warming up is an essential key to any good prac- 
tice. Jenny Brown sings up and down the octave 
while preparing for the afternoon's practice. 

Be it an ice cream cone, or a microphone, Jodi 
Belk and Rachel Templeton are all smiles. All of 

the girls of Alathea had a "ladies night out" that 
included ice cream, bowling and a trip to the 
walking bridge. 

Now where did I put 
that other page? Andy 
Crews and Joel 
Pettigrew put their mu- 
sic in order for an up- 
coming performance. 
The group sings at 
many different commu- 
nity events including 
area churches. 

"W ^ 

ft ^.4 

1 ff ±« ^"" 



iV 4D ■ * > 





Members of Alathea include: Front Row: Sarah Jones, KatieMagee, Rachel 
Hackenberger, Julia Doerfel, Heather Rantal, Jenny Brown, Mary DiBernardo, Jodi 
Belk and Director, Dr. Jeanell Brown. Back Row: Rachel Templeton, Paul Hinkson, Joel 
Pettigrew, and Andy Crews. 

3 2 Student Life: Clubs 

Susan Hansen and J anna Mclndoe pray for members of the persecuted church before 
j meeting. Commissioned is a ministry that has a heart to pray for missionaries and meet 
with missionary students here at Covenant as well as learn more about missions from 
f he manv missions trained professors here as well. 

Marion Pickett works on getting in touch with 
some of the speakers for the spring missions em- 
phasis week. Commissioned helps a great deal in 
planning this annual event which helps bring a 
much needed focus to missions and which also 
offers many missions opportunities to students 

Members of Commissioned are: Janna Mclndoe, 
Holly McMurtry, Bob Nickles, Marion Pickett, and 
Susan Hansen. 

Holly McMurtry goes 
over a check list for the 
next meeting. Commis- 
sioned meets weekly for 
a time of food and fel- 
lowship with mission- 
ary and international 

Student Life: Clubs 3 3 

Philosophy ClUb 

"/ don 7 think you got that correct, Nick. " Janine 
Tuiniga and Nick Smith discuss the finer points 
of epistemology and apologetics. 

Ryan Wright, Peter 
Gay. and Kevin 
Courter anticipate the 
start of the film.. 

Members of the Philosophy Cluh are: Front Row: Abigail Lundelius and Mary Klinger.\ 
Second Row: Joy Vaughn, Emily Clutcher, and Aaron Mesh. Third Row: Rebekali 
Forman, Bethy Mehne, Janine Tuininga, Josiah Roe, Nick Smith, and Todd Willison., 
Back Row: Asha Garreston, Jason Brown, Ryan Davidson, Mike Vendsel, Elizabeth Leight, 
and Daphyn Schuck. 

3 4 Student Life: flubs 

Members of Mu Kappa include: Front Row: Reuben Lesondak, Karen Fink, Sarah 
Vieiners, Stephanie Young and Janette Crane. Second Row: Abby Hudson, Sara 
Zamenisch, Monica Linde, Meg Meiners, and Rachel Watanabe. Back Row: Justin 
Johnson, Wim Codington, John Goodman, Ellis Chaplin, Lionel van der Westhuizen, 
2nd Jeremy Cox. 

Mu Kappa 





Karen Fink arranges a table display for a special 
time of singing during missions week. Covenant 
has such a large variety of missionary and inter- 
national students that it is able to provide a wide 
perspective of missions work. 

Sara Camenisch and Meg Meiners lay out some 
of the refreshments during an MK meeting. The 

fruit dish looks great and Meg and Sara sneak 
some banana chips off the top. 

John Goodman pre- 
pares a scripture read- 
ing for the beginning of 
a presentation during 
missions emphasis 
week. Mu Kappa serves 
as an elemental part of 
bringing attention to 
the importance of mis- 
sions here at Covenant. 

Student Life: Clubs 3 5 

Computer Club 

Member of the Computer Club include: Todd 
Anderson. Kyle Posey, Matthew Kruegger, and 
Romeo Yleah. 

Kyle Posey gives some extra timesaving tips to 
Matthew Kruegger on what shortcuts work best 
in Excel. The Computer Club is always looking 
for new innovative techniques to keep up on the 
quickly changing computer world. 

Geoff Glenister 

changes the toner car- 
tridge on one of the 
cluster printers. Many 
students appreciate the 
computer expertise of 
their fellow students. 

Members of the Computer Club include: Front Row: David Phillips, Micah Parsons! 
and Zack Cheney. Back Row: Burt Rutgers, Kathryn Brightbill, Jerry King, Josiah Roe, 
Aaron Mesh, and Mason Wolf. 

3 6 Student Life: flubs 

Breakin' it down! Abby Reed, Seth Knight, and Rebekah Beard know how to get foot- 
loose at Kilter, the annual "Girl ask Guy" event sponsored by CAB. 

Campus Activities 


Chris Holton gets out 
his favorite flannel for 
Kilter. CAB did a won- 
derful job this year in- 
corporating pumpkin 
carving and bobbing 
for apples as well. 

Members of CAB are: Mason Wolf, Iain Burguet, 
Katie Anderson, Jen Lefler and Julie Swanson. 

Student Life: Clubs 3 7 

Education OUb 

Ian Work contacts Dr. 
Morton about an up- 
coming meeting. Dr. 

Morton was one of the 
many current professors 
and alumni that have 
spoken at the club's 

Janelle Hensley and Liana Girton enjoy a break 
at one of their favorite restaurants after a long 
day of learning the importance of being a good 

Members of the Education Club include: Front Row: Becky Crocker, Ian Work, Liana 
Girton, and Blair Manning. Back Row: Krista Iverts, Janelle Bulicz, Janelle Hensley, 
and Anne Barbieri. 

3 8 Student Life: Clubs 

Every semester Psi-Chi sponsors a sunrise breakfast and prayer at Rock City on the 
Day of Prayer. Andy Eisenbraun and Kevin Struyck gather with some of their friends for 
prayer before the sunrise. 


Kate Stewart andjodi Belk enjoy a Psi-Chi break- 
fast at Shoney's during the annual Southeastern 
Psychology Association conference. 

Members of Psi Chi include: Front row: Kate 
Stewart, Monique Good and Frances James. Back 
Row: Nicole Horton, Travis Johnson, Matt 
Siedhoff, and Jim Lea. 

Heidi McKinney and 
Dr. Graham enjoy some 
coffee and hot choco- 
late after the sunrise. 

The view from Rock 
City is amazing and 
many students take ad- 
vantage of the wonder- 
ful opportunity. 

Student Life: Clubs 3 9 

"Hey there, what's hap- 
pening?" Andy Crews 
and Mary Rehlin re- 
hearse for an upcoming 

Members of the Film Club are: Joel Pettigrew, Careth Eide, Andy Crews, Ben Parker, 
Paul Hinkson, and Mary Rehlin. 

Itudenl Life: Clubs 

Josh Wise, Ryan Wright, and Dan Henry pause for a smile during a practice. It's always 
enjoyable to spend a little time off campus and Oasis takes advantage of being able to 
hold a practice at Dr. Littlejohn 's house. 


Oasis provides a great 
musical midweek re- 
treat to get one away 
from the studies and 
take time for praising 
the Lord. The second 
floor lobby of Mills 
Hall provides a great 
atmosphere and it is 
also able to accommo- 
date a lot of people. 

Members of Oasis include: Dan Henry, Jessica 
Lillie, Krista Iverts and Josh Wise. 

Student Life: Clubs 4 1 


John Tracy diligently works on a poem to submit 
to the Thorn. 

Editor John Ottinger is the brains behind the 
outfit that makes sure each semester Covenant 
students get to share their talents in the literary 

By Kevin Courier 

His sovereignty and love are ever bound 
Together in a never breaking cord: 
A union, indissoluble and sound, 
Perfected by the blood that he outpoured. 
For God, his own dear Son he did not spare 
But gave him for a world cursed by the fall. 
How shall he then, when called upon in prayer, 
Not with him also freely give us all? 
We know that he who has in us begun 
A good work will perform it till the day 
Of Jesus Christ, his own begotten Son- 
The risen Lord who hears us when we pray. 
And oh, what consolation since I've found 
His sovereignty and love are ever bound. 

By Tabitha Higgins 

why am I here? 

I grasp for profundity and miss 

I exist in the cold world of the ordinary 

homework due tomorrow, today, in five minutes 

twelve chapters to read this week 

slave labor in BEST 

chapel, meals, classes 

what was I asking? 

why am I here? 

study, read, write, do. 

books, papers, homework 

who am I? 

do I know? 

do I want to? 

sleep? Are you crazy? 

always homework to do 

why am I here? 

dance club, music lessons 

I have no time to live 

who really cares? 

why am I here? 

what is my reason for being? 

"what is the chief end of man?" 

oh. I know, in the ordinary, 

to glorify God and forever to enjoy Him. 

that's why. 

4 2 Student Life: Clubs 

Susan Crenshaw enjoys spending the evening downtown with some of the local Young 
Life members. Many of the students that help out with Young Life do so because of the 
great influence that Young Life had on them when they were in high school. 

Young Life 




■■f .** 


Mr* «> ■ 

■ ,;. fflgl 

-• *** " 

# 3 

Okay, everybody get together now! Young Life 
members and volunteers group together after a 

Members of Young Life are: Wil Bragdon, Keresa 
Heyes, Susan Crenshaw, Kate Stewart, Beth 
Valkenburg, Wes Hollowell, Justin Walton, and 
Mary Alice Hamby. 

Two Young Life mem- 
bers enjoy dinner out 
after a meeting led by 
Covenant students. 

Covenant students not 
only lead the meetings, 
but they also attend 
high school sporting 
events and often eat 
lunch at the high 
schools where they vol- 

Student Life: Clubs 43 

Psalm Club 

Ken Montgomery accompanies the singers for 
some on location singing on the Lord's Day. The 

Psalm Club enjoys singing praises straight from 
the Psalter. 

The bluff is an awesome place where one can see 
the splendor of the Lord's work all around. It is 

certainly an apt place to raise one's voice in 

.Members of the Psalm 
club include: Ken 
Montgomery. Marie 
Gonzales. Katie Ibsen, 
and Kathryn Hopper. 

Psalm Club members Marie Gonzales, Emily Hitchman, and Ellis Chaplin meet in the 
chapel on a Sunday afternoon for a time of singing and fellowship. 

4 4 Student Life: Clubs 

Are you ready for some football? John Cunnings, Sara Akin and Sarah Rodenberg take 
some of the kids outside to throw around a little pigskin. 

Children's Ministry 

Leslie Pfister has found 
a special friend for the 
day. The kids eagerly 
await visits from the 
students are always 
ready to play. 

Student Life: Clubs 45 

Publication Photo 

Craig Bosma enjoys 
spending time with 
Erin Moran. 

Photographer Joe Cogliandro points towards 
home from Galilee. 

"Funny Little Man in Italy. " Photo by Joe Cogliandro 

4 6 Student Life: Clubs 

The Loyal Staff: L to R: Matt Novenson, Aaron Mesh, Harmony Honaker, David Phillips, 
Jack Peterson, Tom Okie, Abigail Lundelius. 


The • 




Josiah Roe 

Aaron Mesh 

Joshua Bird 

Matthew Krueger 




Jack Peterson 


Chris Amnions 

Ryan Davidson 


Harmony Honaker 



David Phillips 

Jade Alger 



Sarah Hopson 


Heather Honaker 

Justin Walton 

Abigail Lundelius 

Frances James 







Maurice L. Martin III 

Tom Okie 

Matthew Novenson 
Todd Willison 


Jake Bennett 


We are the Bagpipe staff... 

and we are storytellers. 

The stories we tell affect this college and the people in it for good or ill. We must 
not underestimate the responsibility inherent in the act of reporting. Journalism, 
the relating of true stories, is never a value-neutral action. 

When we report fairly and give both sides of a story, that is not a neutral action. 
When we look deep and hard into issues facing this school, that is not a neutral 
action. When our writing opens readers' eyes to facts and opinions they hadn't 
seen or considered before, that is in no way a neutral action. These are positive 
actions; good deeds if you will. 

Telling stories with dedication to detail and care for people is difficult. But if we 
are willing to do it, we can help cause our brothers and sisters in Christ to 
glorify the Lord in their thoughts and in their actions. 

And though we'll never fulfill our role perfectly... it's fun to try. 

Editor in Chief Aaron 
Mesh did run suffer a 
nervous breakdown due 
to a plethora of all- 
nighters. It just looks 
that way. 

Layout Editor and Technocrat. Lang Martin works 
the bugs out of the Bagpipe 's computers, Jethro 
and Tull. 

Student Life: Clubs 47 


Bethany LoPiccolo 
looks through the se- 
nior quotes. She 

worked tirelessly to 

sort through all the in- 
formation turned in by 
the seniors. 

Janine Tuininga, academics editor, looks 
through pictures for her spreads. Janine was 
one of the additions to the staff during second 

Emily Jordan, one of the Tartan 's co-editors, types captions for a spread. Emily 
works long hours to make sure that the Tartan looks professional and is virtually 
error free. 

4 8 Student Life: Clubs 

Emily and Bethany discuss an interesting senior quote. They had many fun times 
and late nights in the yearbook office. 

Members of the Tartan are: Front Row: Megan Boutwell, Moni Pappas, Janine Tuininga, and 
Bethany LoPiccolo. Back Row: Nick Smith, Janelle Hensley, and Emily Jordan. 

Student Life: Clubs 49 

Student Senate 

Travis Johnsons is on top of the world lookin ' 
down on the student senate desk in President 
Brock 's office where the senate meets each week. 

Sometimes you just gotta get away. The Student 
Senate knows how to start the year off right with 
a camping retreat to help build togetherness and 
strengthen the group. 

President — Allison Harbert 
Vice President -- Matt Siedhoff 
Secretary — Travis Johnson 
Treasurer -- Andy Schmidt 

Senior Class President — Emily Boatright 
Junior Class President — Heather Honaker 
Sophomore Class President -- Josh Howell 
Freshman Class President — David Phillips 

DSM -- Nathan Maphet 

CAB Director — Iain Burguet 

Members of Student Senate are: Front Row: Emily Boatright, Heather Honaker, and 
Allison Harbert. Back Row: Josh Howell, Andy Schmidt, Nathan Maphet, Iain Burguet, 
Travis Johnson, Matt Siedhoff, and David Phillips. 

5 Student Life: Clubs 

Andy Schmidt gets a hug from Mr. Clark during one the weekly meetings. Meetings can 
run late into the evening and sometimes it gets a little goofy. 

No Matt, we don't notice a resemblence. Matt 
Siedhoff contemplates some of the fine artwork 
adorning the room. 

It's hugs all around as Mr. Clark bestows another 
one upon Dean Raymond. Dean Raymond and Mr. 
Clark serve as faculty advisors for the Student Sen- 

"Boy I hope I look im- 
portant." Josh Howell 
"takes a call" a Presi- 
dent Brock 's desk. He 's 
been known to stand in 
whenever the leader of 
our fine campus needs 
a break. 

Student Life: Clubs 5 1 

Widows Ministry 

Members of the Widows Ministry are: Front Row: 
Mary Klinger, Nicole Horton, and Angela 
Dougherty. Back Row: Emily Jones, Michael 
Schout and Anne Barbieri 

Over here bunny ears! 

Some of the kids goof 
around in front of the 
camera while playing 

Evangelism Club 

Members of the Evangelism Club are: Front Row: Erik Swanson, Joy Vaughn, Rachel 
Lester, Deborah Peele, and Joy Lynne Parker. Back Row: Mary Rehlin, Becca Norman, 
Jessica Lamb, Rebekah Brightbill, Kathryn Brightbill, Rebekah Sotelo and Ruth Allison. 

5 2 Student Life: Clubs 

Hands on for 

Members of Hands on for Hope 
are: Front Row: Jackie Pribyl and 
Monique Good. Back Row: Benji 
Swinburnson, Ben Calvert, Katie 
Lea, and Jim Lea. 

Members of GLAD are: Front Row: Holly Neugard, 
Mary Grace Godfrey, and Heidi Grandy. Back Row: 
Evelyn Reith, Andy Eisenbraun, Todd Willison and 
Holly McMurtry. 

GLAD Tutoring 

Student Life: Clubs 5 3 

One of the distinguishing traits of Cov- 
enant College is the emphasis on indi- 
vidual hall community. The fact that many 
students stay on the same hall for three 
or even four years of their time at Cov- 
enant makes for the creating and keep- 
ing of long-standing traditions. This sec- 
tion of the book is the opportunity for 
each of those halls to record what sets it 
apart from the rest, adding to the diverse 
community of our school. 

New to the Founders 
staff this year is Jeremy 
Jones, the Resident Di- 
rector. Jeremy and his 
wife, Christina, 

proudly show off their 
son, Benjamin David, 
who was born in Octo- 

First Belz won this 
year's Skit Night com- 
petition. Their rendi- 
tions of "YMCA" and 
"Bye, Bye, Bye" had 
people rolling on the 
floor in laughter. 

5 6 Halls 

F.O.S.S.I.L, Founders 
student council, 
spends hours planning 
events for the students 
in the dorm. Among the 
activities that they plan 
are Koinonia, the 
Christmas party, and 
the Fall Festival. 

Catacombs: RA- Wes Hollowell, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Josiah Roe, 
Mason Wolf 

Balcony: RA- Charity Millette, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Dabney Hayes 
First Belz: RA- Sean McDowell, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Todd Ander- 
son, Jason Bintz 

Jungle: RA- Kristine Brangwin, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Liz Adams 
Stonehenge: RA- Andy Crews, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Billy Rich 
The Loft: RA- Deborah Peele, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Brie Hodgson, 
Sarah Martin 

Blackwatch: RA- James DeRuyter, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Chris Holton 
Gallery: RA- Amy Roebke, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Megan Bryan 
Rivendell: RA- Ryan Wright, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Dan Henry 
Highlands: RA- Liesl Meier, F.O.S.S.I.L.- Alii White, April 

Halls 5 7 

I (reioxe<D 


5 8 Halls 

Work like you will never get paid. 
Dance like no one is watching. 
Love like you will never get hurt. 

Live life with joy and thunder. 
Balcony 2000-2001 

Emily Clutcher. Sophia Long, Becki Kozeny, Elizabeth Leight. Philana Martinez. Abby Simpson, Jelyne Helms. 
Christy Scroggins. Barbara Strong, Daphyn Schuck. Dabney Hayes, Amy Fowler, Kathryn Brightbill, Christine 
Edwards, Anne Neal, Charity Millette, Susannah Perry, Ashley Debardeleben 


The girls of Balcony pause during a hall dinner 
outing together to capture the event on film. 

These girls stop to take a look at the view from 
the Walnut Street Bridge. The bridge is a great 
place to go to simply hang out with friends and 

Halls 5 9 

First Belz joined their sister hall, Highlands, for 
a great day of fellowship. The group enjoyed a 
wonderful time spelunking at some of the nearby 

Well, we know what these boys aspire to be; The 

hat saxs it all! 

1 st Belz 

Todd Anderson, Jason Bintz, Jason Brown, David Ferriss, Frederick Folkerts, Josh Hayes. Jonathan Hubbard, Jim 
Knox, Jesse Knox, Matthew Krueger, Jonathan Krueger, Bud Lutz, Scott McDowell, Sean McDowell, Cameron Moran, 
Bob Nickles, Allen Patrick, Eric Renkema. Mark Rippetoe, David Robertson, Yuji Sato, Nae Soundara, Marcus Todd 

Night falls... the steady stream of students crossing our mountaintop 
campus has slowed to a halt, and the wind whistles across the 
empty chapel lawn as the student body settles in for another sleepy 
Friday night. The clock reads 12:00 a.m. But wait! Suddenly, the 
quiet, lonely lawn erupts into frenzied motion. With yelps and howls 
of anticipation, the First Belz boys run out into the fierce wind for 
their weekly game of Ultimate Frisbee. These men (and the women, 
brave but few, who play along with them) weave their complex 
game with brotherly abandon, for they know that their hall-mates 
represent the finest team of gentlemen on the mountain. First 
Belzians, past and present, enjoy a collective tradition of loyalty 
and all-around good naturedness unsurpassed in the Covenant com- 
munity. They each run this race of faith in their own way, but they 
run together, here they are, for better or for worse. They are the 
few, the proud... the men of First Belz. 

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of 
witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily 
ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set 
before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, 
who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despis- 
ing the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of 
God. -Hebrews 12:1-2 

60 Halls 

Phillipians 1 :3 ~ "I thank my God every time I remember you." 

These are just some of the memories that the Jungle "kats" shared 
with each other: *First Hall bonding: Catacomb's boys wearing our 
clothes *Mystery Date *Evangelizing in the "Ghetto Sled" *B.E.S.T. 
at its best! *Tortilla chips, cheese and "salza" fetish *DTR results 
for the hall *Dance parties on the boys hall, looking cute as ever 
*Freshman cosmetic experimentation and the effects *Amanda 
the loud mouth! *Crystal's superlatives *Susan's shower curtain 
mishap *Vent ease dropping *Taco Mac every night *SMASH 
YOUR FACE *Dance party in the Krispy Kreme line *Freshman 
divorces *A11 of our little fellas *Ping-pong 24/7 *Delivering the 
Razor *Late night bonding time ^Chinese New Year *No quiet 
hours ! 

Laura Leavengood, Noelle DeRuyter, Amanda Powell, Crystal Osborne, Danielle Holt, Susan Crenshaw, April Lockhart. 
Tiffany Mills, Suzanne Prager, Amy Schalansky, Emily Smith, Careth Edie, Esther Peters, Stefanie Long, Liz Adams, 
Kristine Brangwin, Christy Danner, Jenny Brown, Becca Holmes, Rachel Wright, Kate Bennett, Anne Pelchar 


Jungle took their audience on a tour of Cov- 
enant, Crocodile Hunter style. Their skit fea- 
tured footage from Blackwatch, Carter, and many 
other places around the campus. 

These girls got up early on Day of Prayer for the 
Psi-Chi sunrise prayer service at Rock City, Ev- 
ery semester many students participate in this 
wonderful event. 

Halls 61 

John and Dave spend some time sharing with 
each other during Day of Prayer in the fall. The 
men of Stonehenge spent the day at Coolidge 

As the defending champion, Stonehenge poses 
for a hall picture after a very eclectic skit for 
Founder's Skit Night. 


Andy Crews, Billy Rich, John Kirbow, Bill McLellan, Dave Rooy. Wim Codington, Jeremy Cox, Amos Suttles, Adam 
Stewart. Paul Hinkson, Ben Morrison, Will Lefler, Doug Sims, Josh Howell, Jon Polk, Geoff Glenister. Ben Parker, John 
Goodman, Brent Kilman, Josh Emrich, John Melton. Octavius Wright 

There are still those that confuse the men of Stonehenge to be the 
men of Second Belz. Ladies and Gentlemen, Second Belz is merely 
a mythical place where a certain professor named Dr. Davis used 
to serve as RA. The gentlemen of Stonehenge are a particularly 
interesting group of fellas this year. From RA Andy, of whom it is 
said hugs indiscriminately, to a certain Ecuadorian who often is 
clad in all black and usually brandishes at least one weapon. We 
also have amongst our crew a cook, a president, two Hollywood 
freaks, a misplaced Kentucky native who resembles a southern 
Californian, a basketball player, and a goalie from North Carolina 
that saved us from utter embarrassment in intramural indoor soc- 
cer. To add to that number we have a soccer fiend from Mexico, 
and even a young man whom calls Yemen home. Heck we even 
have a band on our hall. If one were to visit the hall, he would most 
likely hear loud music coming from an empty hall, celebrity jeop- 
ardy from SNL being quoted, and without doubt he would hear our 
favorite quote, "We all know the moon is not made of blue cheese, 
but if it were made out of barbeque spare ribs would you eat it 
then? I know I would, and I'd top it off with a nice cold bud..." 

6 2 Halls 

Coolidge Park 

"Behold, how good and how pleasant il is for brethren to dwell 
together in unity!" ~ Psalm 133:1 

"For as we have many members in one body, but all the members 
do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one bod\ in 
Christ, and individually members of one another. Having then gifts 
differing according to the grace that is given to us. let us use them." 
~ Romans 1 2:4-6 

The Loft - a diverse group, yet one in Christ! 

Anca Lucaciu. Adrienne Hard). Brie Hodgson. Elisa Finn. Emily Jones. Kara Rollins. Jenny Sheehan, Sara Jones. 
Libby Kern. Amalia Powers. Elizabeth Stewart. Beth Painter. Lindsay Fidati. Whitney Dey. Deborah Peele. Ai Tsukamoto. 
Sarah Martin. Katie Garriott. Heather Bell. Christy Jones. Rachel Templeton. Megan Boutwell. Jaclyn Ryder 

The Loft 

The Loft portrayed a day in the life of a freshman 
at Covenant for Founder's Skit Night. 

Hall Retreat! The Loft spent a relaxing weekend 
in the fall at Deborah Peele 's house in Atlanta. It 
was a wonderful time of fellowship and hall bond- 

Halls 6 3 

A Five Generation Blackwatch photo. Young and 
old are present for the photo, everyone from 
Winship Varner— still workingon his SIP— to the 
new freshmen. 

Bring on the food. In keeping with Blackwatch 
tradition, the boys spend some time eating beef at 
Randx 's. 


, Rob Holmes, Travis Johnson, Ian Work, Nick Smith, Jason Craven, Jon 
Mae Crockett. Aaron Dillow, Mark Swanson, Luke Trader. Nick Kloosterman, 

Jay Nelson, Jesse Strow, Ryan Davidson 

Murton, Winship Vamer, James DeRuyter, 

Cliff Hamilton, Wim Codington, Wes VanderLugt, Chris Holton. Jared Farquar, John Uthlaut, Eddie Trygar, Ben 

Huffine, Billy Byerly 

Blackwatch the year of the new millennium 

Where the men are as strong as titanium 

The caves we explored were dark and wet 

And the girls we liked we sought out and met 

Swimming at night in the presence of a Moon 

Spending time with the ladies, oh how they did swoon 

Bowling with Balcony it was real fun 

Getting a 38, oh man am I done 

Blackwatch point let me tell you was scary 

The boys believe me, they were hairy 

Chillin' with Gallery was always a good time 

But if they were too busy we had Jungle on the line 

Wake me up in ten minutes or I'll be late for class 

No boys and girls, Chris does not go to mass 

We missed our brothers Win, Dillow, and Mac 

Remember LT's advice and don't smoke crack 

We grew together in love and that ain't bad 

Here with my brothers is what makes me glad 

We're all friends here and that's no blarney 

Go to sleep its time to party. 

64 Halls 

"All the women independent, throw your hands up at me. All the 
honeys making money, throw your hands up at me." ~ Destiny's 

"One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Boh 

"I want you to want me." ~ Letters to Cleo 

"I'm stronger than yesterday, now it's nothing but my way." ~ Brit- 
tany Spears 

"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world." ~ Louis Armstrong 

" You are my soul tattoo." ~ Plus One 

"Did I shave my legs for this?" ~ Deana Carter 

Rebecca Wright. Meagan Anderson. Ginny Holton. Rachel Templeton, Muni Pappas. Christine Andrews. Mary Higgins. 
Tiffany Albertson, Jessica Schlup, Kristi Koetje. Katie Magee. Colleen Heinze. Leslie Pfister. Amy Roebke, Heather 
Simpson. Jessica Lillie. Anne Barbieri. Blair Manning. Megan Bryan. Liana Girton, Lynea Hofseth. Janelle Hensley. 
Amanda Witvoet. Julie Honea. Julia Doerfel 


Gallery 's skit for Founder's Skit Night reflected 
on Skit night's past as the girls decided what 
they really wanted to do for this years perfor- 


Students from Gallery and Blackwatch pose for 
a picture after a joint hall event. 

Halls 6 5 

Ryan and Bobbie enjoy a nice, juicy steak at 
Founders ' Tailgate Party. This year the party was 
held on the new patio between Founders and 

These Rivendell guys gather in someone \v room 
to watch television. Whatever they are watching 
it looks like they are enjoying it. 


Michael Barker, Phillip Bleecker, Ben Calvert. Matt Can-, Evan Gildernew, Nathan Grubbs, Dan Henry, Ken Langley.Will 
Little, Stephen Majauskas, Bert Rutgers, Alex Silva, Bobby Stirling, Benji Swinburnson, Lionel van der Westhuizen, 
Ryan Wright 

After pranking Gallery the men of Rivendell 
posed for an incriminating picture in the Gallery 
commons. These pranksters put raw fish in the 
ceiling panels in Gallery, and then left a map 
that was cut into puzzle pieces so that the girls 
could find the fish. 

66 Halls 

This is the story of 25 girls providential} chosen to inhabit Founder's 

Highest Lands. 

-Singing "I'm a Little Chai Pot" in front of Greyfriar's 

-Christmas Light Dinner with I st Bel/ 

-Rid lis these evil ghetto ants 

-"Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?" 

-"No, but do you taaaalk?" 

-Liesl's getting married?! 

-Would the 4-man please shut up!!?? 

-Jack's Farm 

-"What's your name again?" 


-Habitat for Humanity 

-Dance Parties 

-Vandalism Club 

-Water sucks! 

-Mattress Steelers 

Janna Mclndoe. Erica Racen. Sarah Rodenberg. Carrie Cardona. Jessica Moller. Suzanne Peterson. Abby Kinley. Laura 
Annessi. Alii White. Amelia Heath. Ruth Allison. Joy Vaughn. Rebekah Sotelo. April Counts. Bethany White. Rebekah 
Brightbill. Liesl Meier. Julia Doerfel. Rachel Hackenberger. Anna Lauren Hunt. Evelyn Reith. Rebekah Pankuk, Kate 
Beimel. Rachel Wright. Becca Hash 


All of Highlands is crammed into one room for a 
hall picture. They are displaying their lovely hall 

Anna Lauren, Evelyn, Bethany, Carrie and Sa- 
rah get ready for a night of great activities. They 
had to dress up for freshman initiation, and it 
only went downhill from there. 

Halls 6 7 

This group enjoyed a 
joint camping trip to 
Cloudland Canyon on 
Day of Prayer in the 

Ashley and Melissa 
proudly display their 
cookies that brightly 
declare their hall 
name, XA-Chi Alpha. 

6 8 Halls 

Mac Council is made 
up of students from 
each of the halls that 
contribute their time 
for dorm events. In- 
cluded in this picture 
are John David and 
Vicki Bower, the RDs of 

Sutherland: RA- Gerald Collins, Council- Justin Johnson 
Rowan: RA- Corrine Ranney, Council- Becky Deprine 
Suburbs: RA- Josef Roberts, Council- John Batusic 
Halcyon: RA- Kim Mills, Council- Sara Allen 
Lawrence: RA- Joe Cogliandro, Council- Marcos Rivera 
Harambe!: RA- Shlomit Maoz, Council- Monica Linde 
Chi Alpha: RA- Melissa Munz, Council- Ashley Archambo 

Halls 69 

Charlie Dey and Peter Gay play hall luge. Don 't 

try this at home! 

The guys from Sutherland's obviously thought 
that Maclellan movie night was a dress-up occa- 
sion. Maybe someone should have told them oth- 


Luke Grady, Kyle Posey, Ethan VanEck, Ty Tyler, Ben Hardesty. Nat Osborn, Peter Gay, Charlie Dey, Andrew 
Lucaciu, Ken Montgomery. Justin Johnson, Ellis Chaplin, John Wykoff, Adam Bruce, Paul Kent, Robert Horton. 
Brad Norris. Shannon Dunkin. Brandon Kruis, Rodney Collins 

As the RA and sole senior of Sutherland this year, I would like to thank, 
commend, encourage, and challenge the men of Sutherland. 

To all my hallmates, thank you for a great year. 

Thank you for Bill The Bowling Ball, for tennis ball wars on the hall, 
and for hall luge. You guys always made my life interesting and exciting. Thanks 
for Hall rugby and that trip to the hospital, for the 24 oz. burgers, for togas, and 
Swirlies. Thanks for all the bumps, bruises, and scrapes along the way. I couldn't 
have asked for a better group of guys to live with or a better hall to live on in my 
last year at Covenant. You guys challenged me like I've never been challenged 

As the youngest group of guys on Sutherland since its beginning three 
years ago, I see a great deal of potential for you, both on the hall and as you move 
off. I would like to encourage all of you to seriously consider what the next few 
years holds for you. Where will God put you in the near future and what does He 
have in store for you when Covenant is just a distant memory? 

I Peter 4 verse 8 says, "Above all, love each other deeply, because love 
covers over a multitude of sins." As brothers in Christ seeking to honor God in all 
that we do and in all our relationships, seek to thoughtfully encourage one another 
and hold each other accountable in your daily lives. Don't wait for others to reach 
out and minister to you, reach out and minister to those around you now! 

A special thank you goes out to my two roommates who strengthened 
me in immeasurable ways. Thank you Rodney and Ben for pushing me and 
requiring more of me than I sometimes wanted to give. You guys will never know 
how much you meant to me this year, I never would have made it with out both of 

Finally, on a closing note, I would like to quote my good friend Peter 
Gay who once said. "SUTHERLAND. . .We're not the only hall but we're the 

7 Halls 

Once upon a time there was an island, in which twenty-one 
beautiful princesses were left to commune together through 
stressful studying, sleeping, and joyous laughing! The fair maiden. 
C.R. decided to become the faithful leader o\ the group as all of 
the girls were making it through their continual challenges. Each 
princess made herself a home but had to come to tribal meetings 
each weeks to make sine all were surviving. No one ever knew 
il R.Ci. was surviving in her LR lagoon. M.R found herself a 
coffee cave behind a streaming waterfall. B.D.. L.R., A.H., N.G. 
and A.H.#2 all made a habitat of the Mario caves in the 
Yoshiland section of the back of the island. B.M. and B.L. 
beautified their huts with colorful feathers and flowers they 
found along the islands many trails. C.W., H.G.. A.H.#3 and 
A.D. made a houseboat so that they could travel to the other 
islands (some near and some far) and capture boys to bring back 
to their Rowan treehouse. B.A. and H.R. played guitar and 
danced underneath stars while E.F. enjoyed running along the 
many forest trails. K.I. and B.C. had an amusement treehouse 
with slides, bridges, flips and swimming holes. A.L. and K.C. 
brought cheerful smiles to the princesses lives, but became social 
butterflies with the island inhabitants. The island life came to an 
end, but not before the twenty-one princesses came together for 
a line-dancing limbo feast on the open beach with twenty-one 
mystery dates picked especially for them! Best of all, no one was 
voted off the island and everyone lived happily ever after. 

Beth Anderson. Rebekah Beard. Jodi Belk. Kate\ Cannington, Becky Crocker. April Dager. Becky DePrine. 
Elizabeth Farnsworth, Joya Fortson, Nicks Gleason, Heidi Grandy, Robynne Greyling. Abby Hall. Allison Harbert. 
Ashlej Harbert. Becca Holmes. Krista [verts, Amy Lanoie. Bethany LoPiccolo, Bailey Martz. Marion Pickett. Corrin 
Rannc\. Heather Rantal. Lael Rodriune/. Courtnev Weaver 


Rowan had its share of wenches for Madrigals 
weekend. Krista. Heather. Abby, Lael. Becky. 
Allison and Ashley spent their weekend serving 
food to all the Madrigal goers. 

The girls of Rowan took a retreat to the New 
Dawn Farm. The retreat provided a time for the 
girls to get to know one another better and spend 
time in the beauty of creation. 

Halls 7 1 

During Christmas vacation John and Joe spent 
some time at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. It 
was there that they met the Suburbs all time hero, 
a stone donkey. 

What better way for guys to bond than watching 
the Super Bowl? Suburbanites from all over came 
together to watch this year's big game. 


Josef Roberts, Mike Agate, John Cunnings, Andrew George, John Batusic, Elijah Stephens, Noah Stephens, Brandon 
Kruis. Dong Won Park. Caleb Rapier, Scott Salerno, Reuben Lesondak. Jon Stoddard, Vinee Pruselly. Drew Anderson. 
Ben Christmann, Bo Lancaster, Julian Williams. Andrew Hendley. Jason Rigby. Eddie Trygar, Calvin Jackson, Brad 
Stair, Andres Arroyo, Clay Walkup 

Jack arrived early in the fall to realize that he lived on Suburbs. 
Here he could eat circus peanuts, warm marshmallows, and moist 
milk chocolate. It was a early morning when he realized, "Oh my 
gosh it's a mullet." His loving brother Noah said, "That is some 
repugnant crap." The Dictator of room 303, the great Botkinonius, 
wasn't pleased to see the amazing work of art on Jack's head. The 
Dictator only wanted the freshest mullet, and this one would not 
do. Jack was a good young man, he would ride his "Razor" scooter 
up and down the hall. What a time it was in Jack's life. He would 
ride with his hair just blowing in the wind, in the back that is, from 
speed of the scooter. It was then that the reading of C.S. Lewis 
and the enjoyable Bengal's game were rudely interrupted by the 
impact of a shattering door. Many of the fellows had to stop the 
rigorous fifty-cent tonk. This caused fits of rage among the Subur- 
banites. The door was not the same. As one hallmate put it, "Word," 
and others were amazed by the destruction. It was this occasion 
that changed all reality on the hall of the Dictator. With the growing 
mullet and busting of the lumber door the Dictator of 303 was deeply 
disturbed. But with the love of all Suburbians, the dictator was 
calmed from the traumatic incidences that had happened. All order 
was restored with just a loud "HWUH!" 

Ephesians 5:1-2 ~ "Be imitators of God therefore, as dearly loved 
children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave 
himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." 

7 2 Halls 

"Be joyful alvvaw I'ra\ continualK ; give thanks in all circumstances, 
lor this is Cod's w ill for you in Christ Jesus." 
~ I Thessalonians 5: 16-18 


by Shel Silverstein 

"II you are a dreamer, come in, 

[f you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar. 

A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer... 

[f you're a pretender, come sit by my lire 

For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. 

Come in! 

Come in!" 

Karee Bradbury. Crystal Geoyhctian. Michelle DeBoer, Atria Dennison, Shea Clingerman, Deirdre Nawrocki, Kendra 
Moore, Katie Feamster. Kim Mills. Molly Porter. Sara Allen. Mary Klinger. Kirstin Chisholm, Kathryn Bragdon, Kristin 
Fray, Kiko Takata, Worth Mayfield, Julie Loud. Tracey Record. Alisha Ferman, Nola Muir. Ashlev Smith 


The Halcyon freshman had a rather militant ini- 
tiation. These girls were forced to march every- 
where together, and they had some pretty amus- 
ing songs to sing while they marched. 

Tracey, Jocelyn, Worth and Katie enjoy a picnic 
in the hall. Actually, it looks like they are deco- 
rating cookies for Christmas. 

Halls 7 3 

Julian, Octavius, and Phil chill in some lounge 
chairs and take a break from the hectic life of 
basketball and studying. 

These guys made a hall trip to Cracker Barrel. 

No one can pass up good southern cooking. 


Jamin Scribner, Phil Farmer, Currie (Peck) Bishop, Jake Bennett. Erik Swanson, Octavius Wright, Willie (the Free) 
Cameron, John Patterson, Dave (short stuff) Dennison, Steve Dennison, Justin (Pretty Boy) Malone, Nick Powell, Craig 
Bosnia, Josh Emrich, Julian Williams. "Bert and Ernie" Larson. Marcos Rivera, Otter, Andy Bond, Ben Boerger. "Dirt" 
Walkup, Joe Cogliandro, Todd Willison. Dan Adams 

Stereos (see Josh) 



Black Dudes 


Yuppies (see BMWs) 

Short Guys 

Tall Guys 



Greek Walks 

Group Showers 

Big TVs 

did we say BMWs 


Nice "Big" Rooms 

Hall Video 

Basically, Bigger, Blacker, Browner, Better 

did we say BMWs? 

7 4 Halls 

Ha ram be! 

Working together since 2000 

"May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give 
you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus. 
So that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and 
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Accept one another, then, just as 
Christ accepted you in order to bring praise to God." 
-Romans 15:5-8 

"Show me your ways. O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me 
in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my 
hope is in you all day long." ~ Psalm 25:4-5 

Sara Camenisch. Andrea Hall. Monica Linde. Abby Hudson. Sara Campbell. Karen Fink. Shlomit Maoz. Hannah 
Warren. Jessica Frailey, Clair Lowe. Katie Huggins. Krista Steere. Katie Hirsh. Meg Meiners. Ana Rug. Leslie Barkema. 
Kristyn Borger. Emily Gallamore. Laura Bode 


After leading a wonderful praise and worship 
chapel the girls of Harambe! stop on the Chapel 
steps to take a picture. 

Kristyn, Krista, and Clair are wearing the new 
fashion for this school year, bright colors and 
beanie babies hanging from string. 

Halls 7 5 

Christy, Elizabeth, Mariann, Brynne, Sarah - 
Ginny, Lacey, and Ashley look ready for an ad- 

Chi Alpha poses for a picture in front of the beau- 
tifully decorated mantle dming the Christinas 
season. These girls look like they might be having 
a little too much fun posing. 

Chi Alpha 

Melissa Munz, Angela Harris. Lindsay Hill. Stephanie Sproul, Katie Maelellan, Lacey Beuler. Amy Kyle, Melissa Baird. 
Bethy Mehne, Brynne Osborn, Ashley Leinbach, Ashley Archambo, Meagan Hudson, Beth Slacey, Jessica Hudson. 
Emily Hall, Sarah-Ginny McFarland, Janette Crane, Anna Smith, Elizabeth Burguet, Christy Norwood, Mariann 
Bertalan, Nicki Belcher, Chrys Henning, Esther Morse, Amy Zane 

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility 
consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not 
only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your 
attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." 

-Phillipians 2:3-5 

XA ~ Chi Alpha ~ "Christ First!' 

7 6 Halls 

After ci long day of hard work as the R \ of Chi-Alpha, Melissa Man: 
sits and relaxes and reflects on the deeper meanings of the universe. 

Jenny and Julia enjoy a time of fellowship and 
ice cream at a popular Covenant hangout, 

Kara, Brie and Deborah enjoyed getting to know 
one another as hallmates and friends. 

Halls 7 7 



Carter's Resident Di- 
rector, Jonathan 
Entrekin and his wife 
Suzi work hard to make 
Carter a fun place to 
live. They can be seen 
roaming around 
Carter talking to stu- 
dents with their son, 

During a unusually 
warm and sunny week 
in February the 
shirtless, Second studs 
sit on the ledge of their 
balcony and sunbathe. 

7 8 Halls 

The fine RA staff in 
Carter is made up of 
men and women who 
want to serve the Lord 
by serving their 
hallmates and 


Second South: RA- Nate Early, Council-Mike Schout 

Second Central: RA- David Caines, Council- Kevin Struyck 

Ghetto: RA- Joey Redd, Council- Mike Krom 

Third South: RA- Mary Grace Rogers, Council- Debbie 


Third Central: RA- Mary Ohanian, Council- Heather Rudy 

Third North: RA- Michelle Toner, Council- Katie Ibsen 

Fourth South: RA- Caitlin Pettit, Council- Emmaline 


Fourth Central: RA- Ginny Barker, Council- Melissa Busing 

Fourth North: RA- Lydia Counts, Council- Keresa Heyse 

Fifth South: RA- Brooke Cone 

Fifth North: RA-Carlle-Lize Hacquebord, Council- Sarah 


Halls 7 9 

These 2nd South guys show their school spirit at 
the Bryan game. Along with many of the other 
students at Covenant, they cheered their team on 
to victory. 

Noel Weichbrodt enjoys a sunny afternoon of vol- 
leyball on the sand court outside of Carter. 

1? ! 

2nd South 

RA Nate Early, Danny Clark, Brian Phillips. Mike Sellout, David Maeey, Noel Weichbrodt, Korbin Parker, Peter 
Brinkerhoff, Jay Jacoby, Stephen Strawbridge, Brien Meyer. Rich Everett, Ryan Peterson, Justin Bowler. Chris 
Bechtel. Josh Turner, Micah Turner, Seth Knight, Tim Cobb, Luke Herron, Jason Luther, Nate Raih. Bob Walenga, 

Pete Render, Austin Bell 

2— South: Early Impressions in the Stylings of Stream of Con- 
sciousness Couplets with a Quickly Abandoned Attempt at 

Caucasians motley; Balcony; Worms, Is the scene and this the 
terms Britney Spears -Party Dances, Chimichaunga Riders 
Prances. Words uncouth emit durn' games, Incredulity at Rather 
wackiness "I didn't bit off the seahorse head, A suicide on my 
teeth it was instead. Anti-drug propaganda fair, Dreams of hall- 
length Slip n' Slide Red Hot spiritual hymns loud blast, Votes of 
nipple/no nipple cast. The Stupid List, intriguing personal ads The 
pilfered list-of projected hall funding items. Door post activities, 
With errant proclivities. "The Poo," "P-ha," and "Please rise and. 
Smackdown, 211, Mattress pommel-horse. VW Bugs on chapel 
steps, Followed soon by security guard races. PBT, footlong ice- 
cream challenges Small dogs defecating outside 216. "We rule," 
Madonna, Extreme Scottish Bass Ballet, "That's horrible," "Who 
are these guys?" Wesley Willis profound verse, Jacobite raves, of 
modest impropriety. Raucous, robust revelry, A dearth of resident 

8 Halls 

Our hall page is dedicated to Dot Hunter. Dot was our hall 
mom for the year. Besides opening up her home to us for ev- 
erything from laundry to breakfast to dinner, she also continu- 
ally filled us with snacks and treats during hall prayer and 
praise. We just want to give a special thanks to Dot and tell 
her we love her. 

RA. David Caines. Andy Lloyd. Brad Williams. Scotty Manor. David Illman. John Savage. Andrew Kaufmann. 
Kenneth Todd. Paul Marino. John Tracey. Andy Eisenbraun. Paul Weinhold. Chris Kornman. Johnny Cobb. Matt 
Hogg. Peter Vaughn. Randy Barlow. Andrew Hartsell. Sean Flynn. John Hum. Josh Lee, Scott Baker, Steve Lewin. 
Joel Pettigrew, MeGee Lapish. Mark Slavovsky. Matt Coiner 

2nd Central 


Look at this face, isn 7 it sooo cute! Don 't you 

just want to squeeze it? 

Wrestling is always a great way to relieve stress. 

These guys probably have no stress at all, unless 
they are on the bottom of the pile. 

Halls 8 

The Ghetto guys show off the painting job that 
they did to their hall. Everyone thinks that they 
did a wonderful job, except for BEST, that is. 

Robert Heiskell enjoyes a nap in the sun 
inbetween classes. 

m to ■ 



RA Joey Redd, Jeff Bone, Jordan Bostrom, Will Bragdon, Kris Clarkson. Christopher Cushenberry. Hoyt Halvorson, 
Joel Hawbaker, Justin Hecht, Robert Heiskell, Chet Hutchinson, Matt Jelley, Ben Kellogg, Mike Krom. Eric Martin, 
Andrew Novenson, Michael Powers, Jeffrey Rausch, Aaron Stanton, Justin Stoufflet, Dan Voogt, Robert Wilton, Josh 
Wise, Jeff Bulthuis 

The Ghetto is not just a hall, but a group of brothers who exemplify 
what Covenant College strives to achieve in relating as a commu- 
nity and a family. It is not about a tradition of pranks, but about a 
tradition of unique unity and closeness. It is a tradition of brothers 
seeking to love the Lord with all their hearts and love each other as 
themselves. The Ghetto is a ministry to those looking at the college, 
and a ministry to those not on the hall by demonstrating how broth- 
ers ought to relate: through confrontation, accountability, encour- 
agement, intimacy, loyalty, and honor. The Ghetto fights every year 
for its misunderstood reputation. It defends itself of exclusiveness, 
arrogance, and power; images that are created in the minds of 
those who haven't experienced the close unity of this brotherhood. 
It is the tough Christian guys this world is missing; those who stick 
together right or wrong, who stand fast and hold to their convic- 
tions in the face of opposition, who are willing to take chances and 
have the integrity to accept their mistakes, and who will endeavor 
to seek God's will and obey it at all costs, it is those men who make 
the Ghetto. 

Unfortunately for Ghet 

skit anyway. 

8 2 Halls 

The returning students shared many laughs at the nice dance the fresh- 
men performed for hall initiation. 

RA. Mary Grace Rogers, Sarah Hopson. Paige Perret. Elizabeth Farnsworth, Sarah Kjellman. Abby Harrell, Julianne 
Savage. Lindsay Allen. Grace Hoomes, Branch Rosier. Heidi Bentson, Sarah Ireland, Kate Stewart, Mary Smartt, 
Debby GitTord. Kristina Harley. Annaliese Gilman. Katie Boll, Jessica Moore, Bethany Boulton, Ann Brainerd, 
Angela Bedsole. Kathrvn Sterling, Katie Sligh 

3rd South 

These cowgirls line danced to "Devil Went Down 
to Georgia' for their hall skit. Their foot stomp- 
ing, heel kicking dance won them first place at 
Carter Skit Night. 

After dancing their hearts out on skit night, the 
Third South girls stopped to take a group pic- 

Halls 8 3 

// looks like these ladies are ready for a night of 
good music and lots of fun. They are prepared to 
dance their socks off. 

Emmaline Newman and Heidi McKinney stop 
their conversation to pose for the camera at a 
hall event. 

, fip^ 

IP**' . 




I' 4 


; : 




3rd Central 

RA Mary Ohanian, Heidi McKinney, Ashley Sherbondy, Erin Moran, Mary Bell. Emmaline Newman, Elizabeth 
Whittinghill, April Mininger, Abby Reed, Sarah Booth. Lauren Ireland. Katie Lea, Sara Illman, Rachel Watanabe. 
Tonia McKenna, Claire Hargrove, Colleen McGuirk. Elizabeth Wolff, Christi Alston. Rebecca Hurley. Annie 
Connor. Rachel Collins. Laura Knowles, Karalyn Carew, Annie Stott. Elissa Mather. Laura O'Dell. Bethany Dixon 

26 girls live at Carter Hall's heart. 

Each of them playing their own unique part 

In forming a hall that lives in accord 

Finding a common ground in their same Lord 

Mary Ohanian serves as RA 

2 of our girls starred in the school play; 

5 girls play soccer and 1 basketball 

2 other girls are in volleyball 

1 hails from Peru and another from France 

And 2 of them know how to booty dance; 

2 of the girls at Greyfriars you'll find, 

Each studying hard to improve their mind 

1 girl plans parties and Carter Skit night; 

1 owns a bug that's yellow and bright; 

2 gosh darn girls are half Japanese 

1 plays violin with grace and with ease; 

1 girl plays flute in our symphony 

And of girls on stomp team, our hall has 3. 

Look high or look low, you'll have to agree, 

You can't find a hall that compares to 3C. 

8 4 Halls 

There is a hidden treasure in Carter of which few are aware. Up 
just one floor from a rowdy collection of infamous soccer 
players, third north is a rare jewel, an anchor in a sea of confu- 
sion. Hidden from view by trees from both the front and the 
back, we the people o\' 3" 1 North are extremely proud of our 
heritage which has always been one of great diversity and 
character. We are proud to declare that this heritage has been 
preserved, and we find this 2()()()-2()()l school year to be no 
exception. From the top-o-the-stairs action o\' Bobbie and Laura 
all the way down to Katie and Suzanne, 3 rcl North has experi- 
enced a fabulous assortment o\' peeps. We have representatives 
from Philly, S. Carolina, Washington, Chicago, Iowa, even 
Huntsville, Alabama! We contribute basketball players, madrigal 
singers, drama queens, soccer stars, Lawrence hall video pro- 
tagonists. Gospel Choir members, and other random fun peeps to 
Covenant. We now invite you to sing along with our hall anthem, 
to the tune of O Canada. Thanks, thank you. 
O, dear Third North, Our home and native hall 
True Carter love. Comes from your daughters all 
With joyful hearts we read thy quotes, 
The true North strong and free 

Diverse and fun, our dear 3 rd North, We stand on guard for thee. 
Cool peeps, blue doors. Coffee and tea, O Toner's hall. 
How long will Borris be? 
Our Bomb 3 rd North. We stand on guard for thee! 

R A. Michelle Toner. Bobbie Wilborn, Laura Starsoneck, Mary Grace Godfrey. Katie Ibsen, Marie Gonzalez. Nick) 
Pribyl, Jackie Pribyl, Kristin Tanner. Beth Sloan. Emily Hitchman. Christina Tamminga, Vangie Rayburn, Jolene 
Andersen. Janna Larson. Claire Larson. Anna Frame. Joanna Rees. Abi Mininger, Amy Golden, Suzanne Jenkins, 
Katie Claw --on. TilTam Mills. Rebekah Beard. Jaymi Dorris, Angela Bedsole 

3rd North 

Howdy Y'all! Welcome to Third North. Come on 
in and sit a spell, y 'hear! 

Third North Unity! These girls proudly display 
their beautiful, blue shirts which brightly com- 
mand us to "shine like stars in the universe. " 

Halls 8 5 

Fourth South made the hike down the mountain 
to Cracker Barrel for some quality hall time and 
for some wonderful Southern cooking. 

On bright beautiful days there are always stu- 
dents outside studying. These girls took advan- 
tage of the sunshine and warmth to study and 
fellowship with one another. 

4th South 

RA. Caitlin Pettit, Mia Thomas, Harmony Honaker. Kelli Musselman, Katie Musselman, Aim'ee Banks, Stacie 
Richards, Debbie Nisbet. Laura McCain, Elizabeth Harrell, Kaki Dick. Kristine Zacharias, Jessica Sanders. Nicky 
Gleason, Kelly Kodat. Heather Honaker. Karen Turgeon 

This is the story of a hall 

Who couldn't play soccer at all 

While we took a lot of cute photographs 

Our ability just made us laugh 

We tried to be "superstars" in our hall skit 

But the judges just didn't think we were it 

We were able to fall and bleed a lot 

Thinking we were hot, superstars we just were not 

From time at the Pettit's to ice cream at Clumpies 

Breakfast with Joe's hall and birthday fun for all 

We rally together through thick and through thin 

Sisters in Christ from beginning to end 

Fourth South, 

Where the stairwell ends 

On a hall full of Friends ! ! ! 

8 6 Halls 

"For we loved you so much that we were delighted to share with 
you not only the gospel of God, but our lives as well." 
- I Thessalonians 2:N 

"Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house 
of the God of Jacob: he will teach us His ways and we shall 
walk in His paths." - Isaiah 2:3 

RA. Ginny Barker. Elizabeth Proko, Sarah Julien. Kelly Swain. Angela Dougherty. Kelli Ziemer. Kelly Anderson. 
Dana Zandstra. Rebekah horman. Melissa Busing. Esther Vogel, Becca Lamont, Monica Schrupp, Carolyn Wynja. 
Asha Garretson, Bridget Kennedy. Jenee' Bourgeois. Taylor Smith. Li/ Brown. Hannah Robson 

4th Central 

Fourth Central's rendition of the Dating dame 
looks a little fishy. These girls don 7 look like the 
average contestant. 

One of the best things about orientation week is 
that the freshmen get to know each other before 
the upperclassmen arrive. The Fourth Central 
freshmen took advantage of that week to go out 
to dinner. 

Halls 8 7 

After a hard game of football these friends pose 
for a picture. Fortunately, there don 7 appear to 
be any broken bones from this game. 

It's the new form of hall loyalty and unity. Have 
the hall name tattooed across your forehead. Of, 
course it might upset the parents. 

4th North 

RA Lydia Counts, Ashley Boone, Kaly Butterfield, Abby Hager, Hannah Hager, Lonnie Hamilton. Keresa Heyse, 
Erica Holliday, Danielle Broadway-McDonald, Jeanne Nunnallee. Heidi Schuringa, Katie Stain, Erin Stortz, Emmie 

A friend is a close companion on rainy days. 

Someone to share with through every phase... 

Forgiving and helping to bring out the best. 

Believing the good and forgetting the rest. 

Uh -HELLO! You've stumbled across the page of 4 lh North. If 
you've read this far, they you are probably interested as to who we 
are. Rather then writing out a whole page about our hall -we de- 
cided to write a brief line for everyone who lives on 4 lh North. We 
hope you will enjoy, and if you don't get it, don't be afraid to ask. 

Emmie -trick or treat, smell her feet, hello her name is Marguerite ! 
Keresa - Toodles! Erica -Charge it! Hannah -Hannah who? Isn't 
she engaged to Ashley's brother? Abby -Yeah. We'll need those 
TPS reports ASAP. Lonnie -Lonski! Clean up your stuff! Lydia - 
It's okay guys, whatever ya'll want. I don't care. Sarah -Do my 
lips look swollen? Heidi -what part of don't take our stuff don't 
you understand? Katie -Say my name, say my name! Ashley - 
Let's go study, but can we stop by Gap first? Danielle -How about 
a diet coke Nyjer? Katy -Watch out for that guard rail!!! Erin -I 
don't know guys, I think he likes me. Jess -What a spaz! Jeanne - 
Clickity, click from the care bear! 

8 8 Halls 

5" 1 South has been around for years but this year our beloved residence 
lite termors has been going through quite a gargle -we want to be 
different like Amy. We started off the year in a state of uncertaintv with 
only one V' South Playstation, yous the champs. Tug; eleven hot tamales 
-including the beautiful StephGranberry; and a random group of cows, 
definitely enhanced by the girls in the four-man (a.k.a. the SKAB's. i 
What an interesting soap opera! 'This has been a young and restless 
year" said Adrienne Christopher at an infamous gathering. We've had 
the accent of deciding what 5"' South is in our own voluptuous way 
(thanks to Chari'.) To us a hall is a place where people can be beasth 
and slam each other against the walls (like Mel)-this isn't easy and we 
are still working on showing each other our toe fungus. We've been 
working hard, like a day in Brooke's Paso Robles PE class, to accom- 
plish our goals through BOLD. French meetings and attentive christening 
sessions (lead by Katherine H.) We see this at work in our teeny-weenie 
lives, and we dramatically scream "woo hm!" with Emily S. and Alina. 
As we look back and see who has been placed on our hall, we see how 
"central" we all are in the life of Amy Claire Andothersonour Hall. This 
is not because we're chipper, like Cami, but because we're bouncy like 
the Heathers. Even Emily B. couldn't have cooked up something as 
great as our big booty, big booty, ohh yeah BIG BOOTY ! If we could 
put anything on a big Katherine C. "got milk?" billboard for the world to 
read -we would surely say it is the (April-like) hairhall of enthusi- 
asm and love that has laminated us into one threatening sealant! 

RA Brooke Cone. Emily Baldschun, Emily Shaw, Chari" Emerson. Mel Murray, Amy Claire Hall. Alina Hansinger, 
Maryanne Challies, April Callahan. Katherine Crawford. Heather Rudy. Amy Ritter. Stephanie Granberry. Bekah 
Tuggy. Adrienne Christopher. Katherine Hopper. Cami Carrol. Heather Lashbrook. Ruth Godfrey. Suzanne Jenkins 

5th South 

There is nothing like hanging around with some 
friends, singing songs, and fellow shipping to- 

So much for a posed group picture. It seems that 
everyone is a bit distracted at the moment. 

Halls 8 9 

One of the greatest things about hall gatherings 
is singing together. It '.v even better when you can 
see the words, right Briana? 

5th North's soccer team, the whatstherenames? 
get ready for an intense game. 

5th North 

RA Carlle-Lize Hacquebord, Emily Sanders, Niki Ellis, Joy Lynne Parker, Mary Rehlin, Margie McClain, Carrie 
Thomas, Rachel Wezdon, Kate Kloosterman, Sarah Funke, Christine Gensch, Briana Hart, Heidi Warsing, Rachel 
Leonard, Melissa Withington, Sarah Bruhn. Jane Berry, Amber Alsum, Anya Russinova. Kathy Miner 

We know the reason the 5th North girls are at Covenant. They seem to be 
striving for their M.R.S. Degrees. 

90 Halls 

le nice things about the student apartments is that is a little 
r home than the dorms. Emily Jordan and Hosanna Tamminga 

Candles. Real Food. No Hall meetings. Setting your own open 
hours. Real Food. Peaee and Quiet. No Fire Alarms at two in the 
morning. Real Food. Not having to pack your room for Christmas. 
Real Food. Cheaper than the dorms. Real Food. As anyone can 
see, there are many advantages to living in the student apartments 
over the dorms, not the least of which is the chance to cook your 
own food. Right past the soccer fields and across from South 
Campus road, the student apartments are just far enough from cam- 
pus to feel independent and just close enough that campus is easily 
reached. They are nestled back into a perfect spot, so that stu- 
dents can look out to the woods from their back windows. And 
since the apartments include a living room and a small kitchen, 
students have more have a homey feeling than they do in the dorms. 
All in all, they are the perfect housing choice for many Covenant 
students each year. 

mas lights. 

S;ira Akin. Esther Alton/a. M;iko(i> Asa no. Mandi Baker. Katy Barker. Esllier Bel/. Amandi Bobos. Eirena Bracket!. Daniel Cohee, Elizabeth 
Counts. Ke\in Courier. Krista Deutschmann. Jeannetle DiBemardo. Anna D)ki. Susan Haiisea Valerie Henderson. Pete Herroa Frances James. 
Christina Jones. Emily Jordan. Jessica Kellogg. Jessica Lamb. Abigail Lundelius. Anandil Mangalwadi. Austina McEarland. Holly McMurty. 
Annamarie Meyer. Dora Mugwera. Matt Peters. Bryonie Raybum. Monah Raybum. Ed Silva, Jessica Spalding, Emily Stout, Joel Swanson. 
Hosanna Tamminga. Dan Thompson, Holly Tolson. Belli Valkenburg. Ana Varela, Damans Wessel. Audrey Yakovlev. Romeo Yleah 


R.D.s Jason and Erin Wood and R.A.s Katie 
Grant and Pete Herron spend a day hiking to- 

Mandi Bobos, Esther Belz, and Krista 
Deutschmann join in the pumpkin carving party 
out in front of the apartments. 

Halls 9 

~\ A c a d e m i c s 



The motto of Covenant College, 
that Christ is to have pre-emi- 
nence in all things, finds its most 
profound expression in its aca- 
demic endeavors. All disciplines- 
-everything from physics to phi- 
losophy—are taught and studied 
in submission to God's Word. For 
it is only in the light of His Word 
that we can truly make any sense 
of the world at all. 


Robert Heiskell was one of the almost 50 stu- 
dents who traveled to Wheaton for this year's 
philosophy conference on the openness of God 

Dr. McLelland shares 
his vast knowledge 
with a freshman, Wes 
Van der Lugt. Of 

course the book which 
he is perusing helps 


Faculty Highlight 

Dr. Davis lectures on Descartes 
and Bacon, while his students 
listen intently. 

Dr. Davis is an Associate 
Professor of Philosophy (1997). 
Ph.D. and M.A., University of 
Notre Dame; M.A., 
Westminster Theological 
Seminary; B.A., Covenant 

Hosanna Tamminga, a senior Philosophy major, 
studies for her Epistemology class, taught by Dr. 

94 Academics 


i Inui i. 


Geschichte Happens! 

What's the point of philosophy anyway? Is it 
about winning arguments, studying the history of 
wrong ideas, debunking modernism and every- 
thing pagan? For some, perhaps. But real Cov- 
enant College philosphers know that it actually 
consists of hearing Dr. McLelland expound the 
platonic virtues of womanhood (i.e. Tucker), 
discerning one's "conceptual framework," listen- 
ing to Dr. Davis' wild college exploits, and 
traveling in a bus-full of philosophers to Wheaton 
every fall semester. And I guess it is also an 
exercise in critical thinking, a treasure-hunting for 
truth, a collecting of wisdom, and a sharpening of 
discernment. But mostly, it's Dr. McLelland and 
Dr. Davis, who make the harder parts— the late 
nights and mind-mincing classes, the terminology 
overload and wading through boring texts, the 
horridly-hard papers and torn-apart drafts- 
altogether worthwhile. 

Academics 9 5 

The Language Lab, located on the second floor 
of the library provides a place for foreign lan- 
guage students to work on their assignments and 
get extra help. 

Esther Alfonzo, one of 
the student assistants 
in the Language Lab, 
practices a drama for 
her Spanish class. 

Mr. Smisson, the Spanish 
professor, reads through a 
textbook in preparation for 

Mr. Smisson is Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Modern Languages 
(1986) M.A., University of 
Kentucky; B.A., Georgia 

Hannah Hager works dilligently on her Lan- 
guage 1Mb assigment. These assignments give the 
students practice in speaking and listening. 

9 6 Academics 



i CfNTI'R 

Foreign Longuages 

* W^M 3H ~^K 

JB i •. 

SaffiSS IW J M M Wj 

Much to the great joy of several Covenant stu- 
dents, a new faculty member was added to the 
numbers this last year, making a French and a 
German program possible. Mr. Tom Neiles is a 
master at both languages, and so far has proven to 
be an excellent teacher in his field. Elementary to 
Advanced French are now offered as well as 
Elementary and upper level German classes. 

For a few students, the new French classes have 
been a highlight to the Covenant experience. The 
Covenant community has a growing number of 
people who have spent time living and studying 
in Aix-en-Provence, a town in the South of 
France. Some have begun and others have 
continued their studies in the French language 
there in Aix. For a while, Covenant offered no 
opportunity to continue these studies, not even 
offering a French minor. 

But now, with a new professor and upper level 
classes, a minor is possible and a major program 
is in the works. The study of French literature, 
poetry, and grammar is availabe to all who are 
interested, and the instruction of Mr. Neiles lends 
a quality of excellence and expertise that chal- 
lenges and motivates. 

Academics 9 7 

Steve Lewin, one of Covenant's star violinists, 
wows the crowd at Madrigals. He, along with 
the Renaissance Consort, entertained the crowds 
with some medieval dances. 

For Dr. Hamm 's last 
homecoming weekend 
concert, many alumni 
returned to sing with 
the current chorale. 
Their performance was 
greatly enjoyed by all 
in attendance. 

Faculty Highlights 

Dr. Steele played three different 
recorders as part of the Renais- 
sance Consort at Madrigals. 

Dr. Steele is an Associate 
Professor of (1997) 
Ph.D., University of Chicago; 
M.Mus. and B.M.E., Temple 

Nate Oster makes his conducting debut at the 
preview weekend concert. 

9 8 Academics 

Covenant's Music Department is very active, 
putting on many concerts throughout the year for 
special events such as homecoming, preview 
weekend, and graduation as well as recitals and 
vespers for the enjoyment of the Covenant com- 
munity. One of the highlights of the year is the 
Madrigals dinner, which features performances by 
the Madrigal singers, the Renaissance Consort, 
and the Brass Quintet. Other music groups at 
Covenant include the Chorale, Chamber Orches- 
tra, and Brass Choir. Private voice and instru- 
ment lessons are also offered to students. 

Covenant's Madrigal Singers and Chorale are led 
by Dr. John Hamm, who has been a professor at 
Covenant since 196 4 and will be retiring this 
year. Dr. Hamm' s presence will be greatly 
missed by the Music Department and also by 
anyone who has ever seen his choirs perform at 
Madrigals or on Chorale Tour, which occurs 
during Spring Break every year. He demands 
perfection from his students, and it shows in their 
performances. Dr. Hamm will indeed be missed 
and his place in Covenant's Music Department 
will be hard to fill. 

Academics 9 9 

Mindy Johnson works dedicatedly on her Econo- 
metrics project using the SAS statistical com- 
puter program. The Econometrics students spend 
many long hours with the year long assignment 
in which they are able to use the SAS program to 
estimate different variables in the project. 

Mr. Dave Shideler is 
one the newest teach- 
ers in the economics 
department. He works 
in the Chalmers Center 
as well as teaching eco- 
nomic courses. 

Faculty Highlight 



~~ ~ " * .'-"*' A, 

S \ 


Dr. Brian Fikkert leads the 
Intermediate Macroeconomics 
class in a discussion of the 
dynamics of policy changes. 
Just what does happen to 
aggregate demand when you 
increase the money supply? 

Dr. Fikkert is an Associate 
Professor of Economics and 
Director of The Chalmers 
Center (1997). Ph.D. and 
M.Phil, Yale University; B.S., 
Dordt College 

Dr. Mask is hard at work planning for the up- 
coming study-abroad opportunity in Kenya. The 

program has had much planning and prayer put 
into it, and if successful, would run from late May 
to mid-December of 2001. 

00 Academics 


The Economics department has been 
growing in leaps and bounds especially when one 
considers their new location as well. The 
Chalmers Center and Economic department, both 
led by Dr. Brian Fikkert, have moved from a 
small collection of offices on the third floor of 
Mills to the entire second floor of the new Rymer 
hall. The move has provided the much needed 
space for a fast growing program. 

Many students choose to participate in the 
economics department because of the great 
perspective it brings to the business world. Thus, 
even if one is not an economics major, it is often 
included as a minor along with a business major, 
or as one section of an IDS major. 

One of the most exciting events has been 
the planning for a new summer/fall study abroad 
program. The Economics department has been 
working hard with Daystar University in Kenya 
to plan a joint study abroad program. The pro- 
gram would feature ten weeks of classes at 
Daystar then followed by an microenterprise 
development internship. During this time the 
students would each be paired up with a local 
African student. The program, if successful, 
would run from late May to mid-December. "I am 
really excited about the opportunity to take part in 
such an incredible venture. It's not like any 
program I have seen before, ,, stated economics 
student Bethany LoPiccolo. The economics 
department is offering the program not just to 
Covenant students, but to any interested students 
outside of Covenant as well. 

Academics 1 1 

Ian Work grades quizzes for Dr. Haddad as part 
of his work study for the education department. 

Mary Grace Godfrey, 
a junior education ma- 
jor, researches in 
Covenant's Kresge li- 
brary for one of her 
many education 

Faculty Highlights 

Dr. Evearitt discusses the final 
for Christ and Culture. Dr. 
Evearitt was one of the profes- 
sors who supervised a section 
of Christ and Culture, in addi- 
tion to the education classes he 

Dr. Evearitt is a Professor of 
Education (1979) Ed.D. and 
M.A., Illinois State University; 
M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divin- 
ity School; B.A., Fort Wayne 
Bible College. Executive Direc- 
tor: Center for the Advancement 
of Christian Education. 

Dr. Haddad laughs at the smily face that some- 
one left outside of her door. It is such a wonder- 
ful thing to see the relationships that develop 
between the professors and the students in the 
years spent in education classes. 

102 Academics 


Learning (or remembering how) to play the 
recorder. Painting a Fresco. Jumping Rope. 
"Teaching" your professors, while they act like 
middle school kids. Dressing up like Native 
Americans and leading your class on the Trail of 
Tears. Eating candy provided by the professor 
while making a "dream box." Learning the hand 
motions to numerous children's songs. Scarf 
dancing. Acting like turtles with the parachute for 
a shell. Projects, projects, projects. Oh the joys 
of being an elementary education major. Many 
do choose to do just that. The Education depart- 
ment at Covenant is one of the largest depart- 
ments, containing six professors as well as many 
adjuncts. The purpose of the Teacher Education 
Program is to prepare competent teachers who 
practice their craft according to biblical precepts 
in any and every educational setting. To do this, 
students examine carefully in the light of God's 
Word various principles and practices proposed 
by both secular and Christian educators. Stu- 
dents who graduate from Covenant's Teacher 
Education Program are well prepared to teach in a 
variety of educational settings and to do so unto 
the glory of God. 

Academics 103 

Doug Sims, Bill McLellan, Anne Pelchar, Careth 
Eide, Jeremy Cox, and Laura Bode spent the 
spring semester in China studying at Yanshan 

Joel Swanson, 

Rebekah Sotelo, Ruth 
Allison, Joy Vaughn, 
Chris Powers and Nae 
Soundara admire the 
Scottish architecture. 

Fernando Windemuller communes with the primitive life 
forms found in Honduras. 

Katie Malone, Sarah Tilley, Kathy Miner, Wendi Wallace 
and Juiura O'dell spend a day sight seeing in Prague, Czech 
Republic. This was a much needed break from their time spent 
studying at Trnava University in Trniva, Slovakia. 

104 Academics 

Study Abroad 

From sea to shining sea, to shining sea, to Indian Oeean, to 
about five continents and twelve countries went Covenant 
students this year, studying abroad. Some of us went with 
school trips packaged neatly with professors and core 
classes, and others of us studied at local universities in 
places like Glasgow, Oxford, Jerusalem, Nairobi. China 
(Qinhuangdao), and Rome. It's a good way to fill the 
requirement for a cross-cultural experience; not only do 
you get to travel, but you also get to stay in a new place 
for longer than a week, learn in new ways, and receive 
credit. It's a hard opportunity to pass up. 

The opportunity that I didn't pass up was the trip to 
Honduras. 1 was one of ten Covenant students who lived 
in a small Honduran village for ten weeks. We brought 
three professors with us and lived in close quarters with a 
group of Americans who worked with local farmers and 
discipled missionaries. We learned in class how to respond 
to the culture we were experiencing: deforestation became 
real to us when we could look out the window of our 
classroom and see big rainforest mountains pockmarked 
with slash-and-burn fields. 

I was impressed by the sheer experience of it, the energy in 
the city streets and the novelty of a village soccer game on 
Saturday afternoon. I wanted to bring these home with me; 
I wanted to bottle up the smells and the textures. But the 
heart of the trip was the relationships we built. Living 
within fifty feet of twenty other people provoked inti- 
macy. Working alongside Honduran farmers taught 
compassion. Staying with village families for a few nights 
was meeting hospitality face to face. And knowing that I 
was a small part of a village, sharing in the lives of its 
members, made the trip worthwhile. 

Academics 105 

Oops! Don 7 let it get away. General Psychology 
students spend countless hours working with their 

Kate Stewart, a psy- 
chology major and of- 
ficial member of Psi- 
Chi, spends a sunny af- 
ternoon reading her 
Psychology books. 

Faculty Highlight 

Dr. Mike Rulon 

Associate Professor of Psychol- 
ogy (1975) Ph.D., Ohio State 
University; M. A., Humboldt 
State College; B.A., Westmont 

Heidi Meiners takes her time to come up on cam- 
pus and spend time with her rat. a 

1 06 Academics 


The smell of freshly brewed coffee and steaming 
hot chocolate and a warm cozy lounge are unfor- 
tunately the only benefits a majority of the stu- 
dents associate with the Psychology Department. 
However, although these are definitely reasons to 
visit the Psychology lounge, those who have 
taken Psychology classes know that these merely 
scratch the surface of the advantages gained from 
being involved in the Psychology Department. 
Dr. Wright and Dr. Rulon, the two Psychology 
professors here at Covenant hold classes that are 
intellectually challenging, yet fascinating and 
compelling. Furthermore, the labs that are re- 
quired with these classes are sometimes the most 
informative aspects of them, as they provide 
hands-on learning. The rat lab (complete with 
live rats and "Skinner" training boxes), psycho- 
logical testing materials (such as the WAIS 
intelligence test), as well as bio-feedback record- 
ing devices (to track physiological activity such as 
brain activity and eye movements) are a few of 
the resources that have been used just this year. 
These labs, as well as the thorough teaching 
provided during class (and of course the endless 
supply of coffee and M&Ms) foster knowledge in 
students that will be indispensable in the future to 
students majoring and minoring in Psychology. 

Academics 107 

Greek students are here hard at work studying 
God's Word in the original language. 

Many Covenant stu- 
dents take Greek as a 
requirement for their 
Bible major, in prepa- 
ration for seminary , or 
for its usefulness in 
exegeting Scripture. 

Faculty Highlight 

Dr. Henry Krabbendam 

Professor of Biblical Stud- 
Westminster Theological Semi- 
nary; B.D. (Equiv.) andB.A. 
(equiv.), Theologische 

After many years of faithful 
service, Dr. Krabbendam will 
retiring from full time teaching 
at Covenant. 


Dr. MacDougall expounds the text beautifully to 
his class. 

08 Academics 

Biblical Studies 

The Biblical Studies department at Covenant has 
impacted my life in more ways than I know. Within 
developing relationships both in and outside of 
school, I am reminded daily of the irreplaceable 
impact that Covenant has had. 

The Bible courses are in a league of their own with 
historical, theological, and personal emphasis. But it 
is the professors that create the ideal environment 
within the classroom. Though diverse in their 
teaching styles, their lives and lectures portray to 
their students a heart and life dedicated to Christ. 
This personal dedication on their part transforms the 
classroom into a haven provoking thought and 
conversation. The theology taught is grounded by 
years of study and selfless dedication of men who 
have devoted their lives to discovering the Truth. It is 
an honor to sit in these classes discovering how to 
truly live a life for God and how to effectively be a 

The courses offered and required prepare the 
student for a life outside of Covenant, whether we 
go on to seminary or a masters program, to various 
working fields, or the mission field, or to raise a 
covenant family. We have a priceless treasure that 
we will pass on to our children and our children's 
children, thus continuing the line of men and women 
who in their unique ways have dedicated their lives 
to the Lord. We leave our college years equipped 
with what is necessary to be light in a world of 

Academics 109 

Jeannette DiBernardo and Esther Belz are two 
of Covenant College's finest History students. 

Dr. Green, is always 
available for a smile 
and word of advice or 
encouragement if you 
stop by his office and 

Faculty Hightlight 

Dr. Lou Voskuil 

Professor of History (1972) 
Ph.D. and M.A., Loyola Univer- 
sity; A.B., Calvin College; B.D., 
Westminster Theological Semi- 

Respected by students and 
faculty alike for his years of 
service to Covenant College, 
Dr. Voskuil will be retiring 
from full time teaching. 

A student is so engrossed in his Russian history 
text that he can not put it down to walk from 
class to class. 

1 1 Academics 

Looking back at the gamut of the history program that I 
have been through at Covenant, 1 have found that there is a kind of 
history, with observable patterns, to being a history major. When 
one first enters the department, one quickly learns that Marsden is 
right, the culture box is the framework, to succeed one must be able 
to write book reviews, MLA is of the devil and Communists, and 
always staple papers turned in to Dr. Voskuil. With this newfound 
knowledge in hand, the history major steps confidently, and 
unsuspectingly, onto a roller coaster through time. 

As this diligent student plunges into Modern Middle 
East, Medieval Civilizations, and book reviews, she quickly 
becomes privy to an obscure fact: history majors read as much as 
English majors. This must be true because Dr. Voskuil covered 
Russian history from 300-1700 AD all before the midterm... plus a 
book review. 

As this history major's roller coaster reaches its highest 
point, she has hit what I call the Junior Year Hump. You can 
always tell when the bleary -eyed history student has reached this 
point because she has ten overdue books at the library (eight of 
which are from inter-library loan), and she has learned how to drink 
coffee that is indistinguishable from sludge. She also knows, at this 
point, that Dr. Morton hides peppermint patties in his filing 
cabinet, and she begins to wonder if he really is drinking only water 
in his Endangered Species cup. 

The ultimate shock a history major receives, however, is 
Historiography class. The pleasant, amiable student who was in 
CHOW just a year ago turns into a cynical hermit as everything she 
thought was true perishes into the death chasm of Historiography, 
along with wie et eigentlich gewesen. The history major learns that 
history is not about memorizing dates and facts, because there are 
no such things as facts, just perspectives. For instance, was the 
American Revolution really a revolution? 

At the brink of a history major's senior year, she is back 
to square one. The culture box has been dismantled. The Christian 
Science Monitor subscription has run out. . .twice. And the student 
believes that Dr. Morton really does have water in his mug, because 
that's the only bit of reality one can still cling to. Then the history 
major enters Dr. Green's Senior Seminar. . .otherwise known as 
Torture Seminar, SIP Boot Camp, or How to Become Personally 
Acquainted with Kate Turabian. This class was invented because 
Dr. Green wants to read top quality SIP's, Dr. Voskuil wants to 
read good SIP's, and Dr. Morton doesn't want "to read SIP's that 
are crap". This project culminates in doubling up with another 
history major pal in order to have use of a SIP carrel all year to 
write on some topic that gets glazed looks from other people when 
the student tries to explain what it is. 

I'm sure at the end of this major every student is glad 
that they can never again look at the world the same way; that they 
can write book reviews and beautiful bibliographies; that they know 
the formula for nationalist, indigenous revolutions; and that their 
brains are completely fried but they still want to go to graduate 
school. I certainly have no regrets — after all, what can one expect 
from people who write their dissertations on the civilization of the 
Gepids and migration patterns of ducks from Canada. 

Academics 111 

Many of the art projects that students are 
asssigned take great concentration and skill to 

This picture was taken 
by Bethany LoPiccolo 
as an assignment for 
her photography class. 

Faculty Hightlight 

Dr. Jeffrey Morton 

Assistant Professor of Art (2000) 
M.F.A., Yale University; B.F.A 
Temple University, Tyler School 
of Art 

Dr. Morton is new to Covenant 
this year and has already actively 
been decorating and beautifying 
the campus with student art. 

■ >•;*: *V* 

Still Life? Or is this a sculpture? Who knows': 

1 1 2 Academics 

Down in the art barn we are making things, not just 
making things but doing things. We are building giant 
vegetables, cutting up magazines with exacto knives, 
drawing chairs, tearing up broken vers, making 
paintings too big to put anywhere, trying to under- 
stand color, learning the difference between shape 
and form (& why that does matter), learning to see 
value in abstraction and representation, trying to 
figure out if a painting is an object or a window (or 
neither), learning about the thosuands of years of art 
that preceeded us, & trying to find our place in that 
time line, & learning that art is much more than self 
expression, but mostly seeing the reason Christ 
spoke in metaphor so often: because subtlety is a 
beautiful thing. 

Academics 1 1 3 


As Christians are called to bring every 
area of life into submission to the Word 
of God, they are required to be stew- 
ards of everything that God has given 
them-including their bodies. And such 
stewarship is certainly motivated by the 
presence of competetive sports at Cov- 
enant College. 


en's Soccer 

Look at that 
fancy foot- 

Mike Agate 

fakes out the 

defense and 

takes it in for a 


Yuji makes the awe- 
some steal from the Li- 
ons! This freshman was 
an important member 
of the Scots and helped 
lead to their winning 

] 6 Sports 





Look at that concentration! Chris 
Cusheribery holds off the Bryan de- 
fense while he works some magic for 
the Scots! 

Aiming for the Top 





Toccoa Falls College 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Athens, TN 


Berry College 


Brevard College 


Rome, GA 


Lookout Mtn. 


Reinhardt College 



Lookout Mtn. 


Brewton-Parker College 


LaGrange College 


Mt. Vernon, GA 


Lookout Mtn. 


Rollins College 


Tennessee Temple University 


Winter Park, FL 


Lookout Mtn. 


North Georgia College 


Montreat College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Montreat, NC 


Huntingdon College 


King College 


Montgomery, AL 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lee University 


Cleveland, TN 


Milligan College 




Bryan College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Bluefield College 


Lookout Mtn. 

Josh Moon watches as his punt sails to the other goal. Re- 
member the Montreat game... Josh had a great season and 
led his team to victory. 

Back L-R. Coach David Stanton, Tim Cobb, Coach Brian 
Crossman, Mike Agate, John Uthlaut, Chris Cushenbery, 
Kenny Todd, Tim Montgomery, Nate Brinkerhoff, Stephen 
Strawbridge, Ben Kennedy, Aaron Stanton, Mike Krom, 
Phillip "Burney" Bleaker, Rich Everett, Matt Potoshnick, 
Jeff Bone, David Illman, Elijah Godfrey Front L-R. Jason 
Wells, Matt Jelley, Jamie Barrett, Joel Hawbaker, Sheldon 
Grizzle, Brian Meyer, Josh Moon, Brian Young. 

Sports 117 

omen's Soccer 

The Lady 

Scots stand 

firm in their 


Erin Hess, 
and Julianne 
Savage are 
looking fierce 
to the compe- 

Lady Scots coming in 
fresh from a halftime 
pep talk. The girls had 
a winning season 
thanks to their strong 
unity both in the Lord 
and on the field. 

1 1 8 Sports 


Look at that vertical! Suzanne 
Jenkins heads the ball and scores 
one more for the lady Scots! 

Kicking up Goals 



Milligan, TN 


North Georgia College 


Toccoa Falls College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


Virginia Intermont College 


Lee University 


Lookout Mtn. 


Cleveland, TN 




Bryan College 


Oglethorpe University 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


LaGrange University 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


Brenau University 

I 06 

Berry College 


Gainesville, GA 


Lookout Mtn. 


Brevard College 





Montreat College 
Montreat, NC 
University of Alabama- 
Huntsville, AL 
King College 






Brevard, NC 
Mt. Vernon Nazarene 
Lookout Mtn. 
Birmingham Southern 
Birmingham, AL 


Lookout Mtn. 


University of the South 


Sewanee, TN 


Milligan College 

4 L_ 

^.:C:^- : :^ :r:;r:-:L:S:r;:v«:v:S::r iiJsUfif.^r^Ji:^:: tr^^V W% JW^ J &^ : 

Awesome kick Worth! Worth Mayfield gives it 
all she has on the field, and it shows her in her 

Get that ball! Sarah Meiners chases the ball down 
and scores for the Lady Scots. Sarah is a key mem- 
ber of the team this year. 

Sports 119 


Look at that 

Senior Dave 


grabs the 

rebound and 

looks to dish 

the pass for 

two more 

points for the 


As usual, nothing but 
perfect form for Brian 
Johnsey. Brian shoots 
and scores three more 
points for the Scots as 
the Bryan defender 
can do nothing to stop 

120 Sports 

' V 


I %y 

Where are you? Junior Ethan Van 
Eck looks for the pass in a game 
against Montreat College. 

Shooting for Success 



Lookout Mtn. 


King College 


Lee University 


Bristol, TN 


Cleveland, TN 


Milligan College 


Bluefield College 


Milligan, TN 


Lookout Mtn. 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


Bryan College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


Alice Lloyd College 


Univ. of VA at Wise 


Lookout Mtn. 


Wise, VA 


Bryan College 


VA Intermont College 


Dayton, TN 


Bristol, VA 


Brevard College 


King College 


Brevard, NC 


Lookout Mtn. 


Montreat College 


Rock City Classic 


Montreat, NC 


Lookout Mtn. 


Rock City Classic 



Lookout Mtn. 


Univ. of VA at Wise 


Lookout Mtn. 



Virginia Intermont College 


Lookout Mtn. 


LaGrange College 


Tennessee Temple University 


LaGrange, GA 


Lookout Mtn. 


Milligan College 


Bluefield College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Bluefield, VA 


Tennessee Temple Univ. 


Alice Lloyd College 


Chattanooga, TN 


Pippa Passes, KY 


Lee University 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Athens, TN 


Brevard College 



Lookout Mtn. 


Montreat College 

09 Fisk University 


Lookout Mtn. 

This sophomore knows how to take control! An- 
drew George started this year and knows how to 
lead his team to victory. 

Coach Bill Dennison talks to the team during a 
time out. This is Dennison 's second year coach- 
ing the Scots. 

Sports 121 

omen's Basketball 

Clair Lowe 

pushes her 

way past the 


Clair's pres- 
ence on the 
will be greatly 

Kristyn Borger has to 
reach to get the ball. It 

looks like she has 
plenty of time. 

1 22 Sports 

V I 

Checking things out. Ashley Smith 
looks to her teammates to decide 
where to pass the ball. 

A Winning Season 






Milligan, TN 


TN Wesleyan College 


Lee University 


Lookout Mtn. 


Cleveland, TN 


Bluefield College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Alice Lloyd College 


Bryan College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


Bryan College 


Univ. of VA at Wise 


Dayton, TN 


Wise. VA 


Brevard College 


VA Intermont College 


Brevard, NC 


Bristol, VA 


Montreat College 


King College 


Montreat, NC 


Lookout Mtn. 




Univ. of VA at Wise 


Piedmont College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Demorest, GA 


Virginia Intermont College 


Milligan College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


TN Temple University 


TN Temple University 


Lookout Mtn. 


Chattanooga, TN 


Bluefield College 


Lee University 


Bluefield, VA 


Lookout Mtn. 


Alice Lloyd College 


Pippa Passes, KY 


r > 


TN Wesleyan College 


Athens, TN 


King College 
Bristol, TN 



Brevard College 
Lookout Mtn. 


Milligan College 


Montreat College 


Lookout Mtn. 

Look at her jump. Clair Lowe goes up for the 
rebound in a game against Tennessee Wesleyan. 

Go, Abby! Abby Reed rushes past the defender 
as Coach Smialek watches from the sidelines. 

Sports 123 

omen's Volleyball 



jumps up for 

the set. 

The ball seems 
to have disap- 
peared, how- 

Sophomore Deirdre 
Nawrocki spikes the 
hall nicely. Hopefully 
her opponents can 't 
block it. 

24 Sports 

Alisha Ferman leaps to block the 
ball. Howeveer, her opponent has 
the same idea. 

Serving Up Victory 

. . . 





Brevard College 


Bryan College 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lee University 


University of Virginia-Wise 


Cleveland, TN 


Lookout Mtn. 


University of the South 

Bluefield College 


Sewanee, TN 


Lookout Mtn. 


Milligan College 


Tennessee Temple University 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 


King College 


University of the South 


Lookout Mtn. 


Lookout Mtn. 

Montreat College 


Tennessee Temple University 


Lookout Mtn. 


Chattanooga, TN 


Maryville College 


Montreat College 


Mary ville. TN 


Montreat, NC 


Bluefield College 

Brevard College 


Bluefield, VA 


Brevard, NC 

University of Virginia- Wise 


Bryan College 


Wise. VA 


Dayton, TN 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


Milligan College 


Athens, TN 


Milligan, TN 


King College 


Bristol, TN 


Tennessee Wesleyan College 


Lookout Mtn. 

The Lady Scots know that teamwork is vital. Here, 
they do their team cheer before a match. 

The Lady Scots present a united front against 
their opponents. Everyone is down and ready. 

Sports 125 




runs with the 

ball , while 




Ben Huffine watches 
as his teammates pass 
the ball down the court. 

126 Sports 

/ got it. Look at those long arms reaching to get 
the ball. 

Be nice, girls. One of the girls intramural games 
gets a bit rough.. 

Sports 127 

[28 Sports 

Sports 129 

130 Sports 

Sports 131 

132 Sports 

Sports 13 3 

134 Sports 

Sports 1 3 5 

All of the activities, classes, clubs, and 
sports that a college could provide are 
of course meaningless apart from the 
people themselves. And it is the people 
of the college-the students, faculty, staff, 
and administration-that make Covenant 
College great. 

Sara Ellen Akin 

Hometown: Lakeland, FL 

Major: Math 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Turn your eyes upon Jesus, 

look full in His wonderful face; 

and the things of earth will 

grow strangely dim in the light 

of His glory and grace." 

--Helen H. Lemmel, 1922 

Esther Darlene Alfonzo 

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: Bible and Spanish 

"Now faith is the substance of 

things hoped for, the evidence 

of things not seen." 

--Hebrews 11:1 

"Faith is the ability to see God 
in the dark." 

Christopher John 

Hometown: Asheville, NC 
Major: IDS: English, Philoso- 
phy, and Art 

"He took all of my sins and 

wrote a pocket novel called: The 

State that I'm In." 

—Belle and Sebastian 

"Out on my skateboard the 

night is just humming." 


Sarah "Katie" Anderson 

Hometown: Mililani, HI 
Major: Elementary Education, 
Grades 4-8 

"My flesh and my heart may fail, 
but God is the strength of my 
heart and my portion forever." 
-Psalm 73:26 

Allison Leigh Atkins 

Vj Hometown: Escondido, CA 
\ Major: Elementary Education, 
Grades 4-8 

Jennifer Balch 

Major: Elementary Education, 
Grades 4-8 

"...but those who hope in the 
Lord will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like 
eagles; they will run and not 
grow weary, they will walk and 
not be faint." 
-Isaiah 40:31 

138 People: Seniors 

Michael Victor Bedzyk 

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Music 

"Blessed is a man who perse- 
veres under trial; for once he 
has been approved, he will 
receive the crown of life which 
the Lord has promised to those 
who love Him ." 
-lames 1:12 

Esther Belz 

Hometown: Asheville, NC 

Major: History M 
Minor: Art 

"The boundary lines have fallen 

for me in pleasant places; surely 

I have a delightful inheritance." 

--Psalm 16:6 

Joshua David Bird 

Hometown: Wilmington, DE 
Major: History and English 

"Anybody can make history. 

Only a great man can write it." 

--Oscar Wilde 

Virginia Kitchens Blair 

Hometown: Birmingham, AL 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: English 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you 
don't stop and look around once 
in awhile, you might miss it." 
—Ferris Bueller 

Emily Jane Boatright 

Hometown: Savannah, GA 
Major: History 
Minor: Missions 

"The great use of life is to spend it 
on something that will outlast it." 
-William James 

Amanda Jo Bobos 

Hometown: Munster, IN 
Major: Sociology 

"Lord Jesus Christ, be present 
now, our hearts in true devotion 
bow, your spirit send with grace 
divine, and let your truth 
within us shine." 

People: Seniors 139 

Christopher Rycm 

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC 
Major: Business 

Kathryn Linda 

Hometown: Greenville, SC 
Major: Elementary Education 

'For You make me glad by your 

deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at 

the works of Your hands." 

--Psalm 92:4 

Robert Oliver Brant 

Hometown: Crystal River, FL 

Major: Business and ICS 

Minor: Math 

Janelle Susan Buliez 

Hometown: Littleton, CO 
Major: Elementary Education 

"When we decide to take a leap 
of faith in God, He will either 
give us a solid foundation upon 
which to fall, or He will teach 
us to fly." 
— Luci Shaw 

Maryanne R. Challies 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Major: Sociology 

"Salvation belongs to our God, 
who sits on the throne, and 
unto the Lamb. Amen! Praise 
and glory and wisdom and 
thanks and honor and power 
and strenth, be to our God 
forever and ever. Amen!" 
--Revelation 7:10-12 

Joanna Joy Chmchen 

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya 
Major: IDS: Business, Art, and 

"Nobody knows where he goes, 
but only where he comes from." 
— Kikuyu Proverb 

"Those who discover a treasure 
value it more than those who 
are born with it." 
—Ngoreme Proverb 

140 People: Seniors 

Kristopher Patrick 

Hometown: Birmingham, AL 
Major: Business 

"Unless the Lord builds the 

house, they labor in vain that 

build it." -Psalm 127:1 

'The blessing of the Lord brings 

wealth, and he adds no trouble 

to it." --Proverbs 10:22 

Daniel Luke Cohee 

Hometown: Decatur, AL 

Major: History 

Minor: Bible 

"If a person could fully appreciate 

what it means to be a son and heir of 

God, he would rate the might and 

wealth of nations small change in 

comparison with his heavenly 

inheritance. What is the world to him 

who has heaven?" -Martin Luther 

"Hold loosely all that is not etemaL" 

-Agnes Maude Royden 

]ason Curtis Craven 

Hometown: Walterboro, SC 
Major: Biblical Studies & 
Missions and Philosophy 

What advice would you give to 

a young man seeking to go into 

the ministry? "The first thing as 

a pastor is to teach your people 

the Bible. That is the first, the 

second, and the third thing you 

must do." — R.C. Sproul 

William David 
Dennison 11 

Hometown: Lookout Mountain, 


Major: Engineering 

"You're only as good as your 
next game." -Joe Paterno 

James Robert DeRuyter 

Hometown: Waukesha, WI 
Major: History 
Minor: Education 

"No eye has seen, no ear has 
heard, no mind has conceived 
what God has prepared for 
those who love Him." 
—I Corinthians 2:9 

"I try to make everyone's day a 
little more surreal." —Calvin 

Amy Kathryn 

Hometown: Annapolis, MD 
Major: Environmental Biology 

"The Lord will fulfill his 
purpose for me; your love, O 
Lord, endures forever." 
-Psalm 138:8 

People: Seniors 141 

Krista Louise 

Hometown: Walker, IA 

Major: Elementary Education, 

Grades 4-8 

"God will either give us what 

we ask for, or He will give us 

what we would have asked for 

if we knew what He knows." 

—Pastor Joe Novenson 

Jeannette Rachael 

Hometown: Lancaster, PA 
Major: History and Music 
Minor: Education, non-certifica- 

"Listening from the distance of 
centuries across the death 

chasms and howling kingdoms 
of decay, it is not easy to catch 
everything." —Thomas Carlyle 

Nathan Lloyd Early 

Hometown: Hammond, IN 

Major: History 

Minor: Bible 

"I can't go workout. I've already 
fixed my hair." — Daryll JillBery 

Amanda Jill Eastern 

Hometown: Hammond, IN 
Major: Philosophy 
Minor: Biology 

"In a minute, 

there is time 

for decisions and revisions 

which a minute will reverse." 

-T.S. Eliot, from "The Lovesong 

of J. Alfred Prufrock" 

Rebekah Leigh Enter 

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA 
Major: Sociology- Counseling 

"No such thing bad student- 
only bad teacha." —Mr. Miyagi 

Jennifer Rebekah Erhel 

Hometown: Miami, FL 

Major: IDS: Business, Sociology, 

and Missions 

Wicked Watches 
Ticking Swatches 
No Time to Stand Still 
Lightning Flashes 
and Time Passes 
into Eternal Thrills" 
—James Keith Case 

142 People: Seniors 

Alisha Danielle 

Hometown: Newman, GA 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemistry 

"Attitude is everything." 

'Commit to the Lord whatever 

you do, and your plans will 

succeed." --Proverbs 16:3 

Laurel Anne Foreman 

Major: Biblical Studies 

"Then, when it seems we will 

never smile again, life comes 


Lisa Marie 

Hometown: Valrico, FL 

Major: Elementary Education, 

Grades 4-8 

Minor: Youth Ministry 

"The cross we carry is never so 

heavy as the chains from which 

we were freed." —J. A. Lacey 

"The best thing about the future 

is that it only comes one day at a 

rime." --Abraham Lincoln 

Michael Phillip Franks 

Hometown: Los Osos, CA 
Major: Business- Accounting 

"The way to use life is to do 
nothing through acting. The 
way to use life is to do every- 
thing through being." -Lao Tzu 

Kristin El 

nissa Fray 

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
Major: Elementary Education 

"He who dwells in the shelter of 
the Most High will rest in the 
shadow of the Almighty. I will 
say of the Lord, 'He is my refuge 
and my fortress, my God, in 
whom I trust ." -Psalm 91:1-2 

Autumn Brook 

Hometown: Lake Mary, FL 
Majors: Business and History 
Minor: Economics 

"That is what I am. God's 
pencil. A tiny bit of pencil 
with which He 
writes what He likes." 
-Mother Teresa 

People: Seniors 143 

Danielle Suzanne Gay J 

Hometown: North Augusta, SC 

Major: English 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Though He slay me, yet will I 
trust Him." --Job 13:15 

Elislia David Godfrey 

Hometown: Greenville, SC 

Major: Business 

Minor: Philosophy 

"There is no easy walk to 
freedom anywhere, and many of 
us will have to pass through the 
valley of the shadow of death 
again and again before we reach 
the mountaintops of our de- 
sires." — Jawaharlel Nehru 

Monique Elise Good 

Hometown: Annapolis, MD 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Art 

"...when will we realize, that we 

must give our lives, for people 

need the Lord." -from the song 

"People Need the Lord" 

Chris Gosey 

Hometown: Canton, GA 

Major: Business 

Minor: Economics and History 

"Leaves are falling all around, 
time was on my way. Thanks to 
you I'm much obliged; such a 
pleasant stay." —Led Zeppelin 

"Soap and education are not as 
sudden as a massacre, but they 
are more deadly in the long 
run." --Mark Twain 

Katherine Elizabeth 

Hometown: Butler, PA 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Bible, Spanish, and 
Youth Ministry 

"On our worst days we're never 
beyond the reach of God's grace, 
and on our best days we're 
never beyond the need of God's 
grace." —Jerry Bridges 

Lisa Marie Gurney 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Elementary Education 

"We are not our own; in so far 
as we can, let us therefore forget 
ourselves and all that is ours.... 
We are God's; let us therefore 
live for Him and die for Him." 
-John Calvin 

144 People: Seniors 

Carle-Lize Hacquebord 

Hometown: Reedsburg, WI 
Major: History 
Minor: Biology 

"Elke ding het sy vaste tyd." 
— Prediker3 

Hannah Leslie Hager 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Psychology 

"No eye has seen, no ear has 

heard, no mind has conceived 

what God has planned for those 

who love Him." 

—I Corinthians 2:9 

Allisoji Joy Harbert 

Hometown: Lookout Mountain, 


Major: Chemistry and Biology, 


Minor: Mathematics 

"He comforts me in evening, 

keeps me believing that he 

knows me well, and lately when 

I'm lonely, when I have only the 

mountain's sorrow, he thunders 

over me and he is carrying 

tomorrow." -Jennifer Daniels 

Carrie Ellen Hayes 

1 lometown: Panama City, FL 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: Interpersonal Counseling 

"Nothing in my hand I bring, 
simply to thy cross I cling; 
naked come to thee for dress; 
helpless look to thee for grace; 
foul I to the fountain fly; wash 
me, Savior, or I die." 
--Augustus Toplady 

Dolores Marie 

Hometown: Williamstown, NJ 
Major: Elementary Education 

"And who knows but that you 
have come to the kingdom for 
such a time as this and for this 
very occasion." —Esther 4:14b 

Peter Sanders Herron 

Hometown: Bundimulinga, 


Major: Environmental Biology 

"But whatever was to my profit, I now 
consider loss for the sake of Christ. What 
is more, I consider everything a loss 
compared to the surpassing greatness of 
knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose 
sake 1 have lost all things. I consider them 
ruhbish, that I may gain Christ and be 
found in him, not having a righteousness 
of my own that comes from the law, but 
that which is through faith in Christ-the 
righteousness that comes from God and is 
by faith." — Philippians 3:7-9 

People: Seniors 145 

Erin Marie Hess 

Hometown: Bartlett, IL 
Major: Elementary Education 

"A faith and knowledge resting 

on the hope of eternal life, 

which God, who does not lie, 

promised before the beginning 

of time." —Titus 1:2 

Wes Hollowell 

Hometown: Douglasville, GA 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemistry, English, and 


"Twenty years from now, you 

will be more disappointed by the 

things you didn't do than by the 

ones you did do. So, throw off 

the bowline and sail away from 

the safe harbor. Catch the trade 

wind in your sails. Explore, 

dream discover...." -Mark Twain 

Nicole Lise Horton 

Hometown: Winfield, IL 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Art 

"Earth's crammed with heaven, 

and every common bush afire 

with God. But only he who sees 

takes off his shoes ~ the rest sit 

around and pluck blackberries." 

—Elizabeth Barret Browning 

Neal Nixon Howard 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Major: English 

"You can either go to the church of 
your choice, or you can go to 
Brooklyn State Hospital. You'll 
find God in the church of your 
choice; you'll find Woody Guthrie 
in Brooklyn State Hospital. And 
though it's only my opinion; I may 
be right or wrong. You'll find 
them both in the Grand Canyon at 
sundown." —Bob Dylan, Last 
thoughts on Woody Guthrie 

Jessica Leigh Hudson 

Hometown: Birmingham, AL 
Major: Music 
Minor: Education 

"I lift up my eyes to the hills — 
where does my help come from? 
My help comes from the Lord, 
the maker of heaven and earth." 
-Psalm 121:1, 2 

James Patrick Jacoby, 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 
Major: English 

Minor: History, Philosophy, and 
Youth Ministry 

"History is like a nymph glimpsed 
bathing between leaves; the more 
you shift perspective, the more is 
revealed. If you want to see her 
whole, you have to dodge and slip 
between many different view- 
-Felipe Fernandez-Armento 

146 People: Seniors 

Frances Mary James 

Hometown: Cambridge, En- 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Philosophy 

"I hear that you don't change/ 
How do you expect to keep up 
with the trends?/ You won't 
survive the information age/ 
unless you plan to change the 
truth/ to accomodate the bril- 
liance of man" —David Bazan 

Melinda Sue Johnson 

Hometown: Highland, IN 

Major: Economics 

Minor: Philosophy 

"The Lord replied, 'My child, I 

love you, and I would never 

leave you. During your times of 

trial and suffering, when you 

see only one set of footprints, it 

was then that I carried you.'" 


Christina Eileen Jones 

Hometown: Sarasota, FL 

Major: English 

Minor: Bible and Music 

"In my life, I am learning more 

and more that God works just as 

effectively through closed doors 

as he does through open." 

Jessica Noel Kellogg 

1 tometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Major: IDS: Biology, Psychol- 
ogy, and Sociology 

"We have to live in the present 
moment, because we can do 
nothing about the past, and God 
is doing everything about the 
future." -George MacDonald 

Woong (Joseph) Bui 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 
Major: Biology, Pre-Medicine 
Minor: Chemistry 

"I die, YOU live." -WBK 

Andrew Steven Kinzler 

Hometown: Little Rock, AR 
Major: Biblical Studies 

"Trust in the Lord and do good; 
dwell in the land and enjoy safe 
pasture. Delight yourself in the 
Lord and he will give you the 
desires of your heart." 
-Psalm 37:3, 4 

People: Seniors 147 

James Daniel Knox 

Hometown: Ambridge, PA 

Major: Chemistry, Pre-Medicine 

Minor: Math 


—Larry the Cucumber 

"I know that my hopes and plans 

for myself could not be any better 

than He has arranged and fulfilled 

them. Thus may we all find it, and 

know the truth of the Word which 

says, 'He will be our Guide even 

until death.'" -Jim Elliot 

Matthew Micliael 

Hometown: Green Cove 

Springs, FL 

Major: Philosophy 

Minor: Bible 

"Why did you spend so much? 

Why did you give it all? Poured out 

on cold little misers, and the 

returns are so small. Those strange 

economics, and the length that love 

goes. Oh... my blister soul!" 

—Vigilantes of Love 

Jessica Rae Lamb 

Hometown: Byron, MN 

Major: Environmental Biology 

Minor: Chemistry 

'"You know, sometimes the 

world seems like a pretty mean 

place.' -Calvin 

'That's why animals are soft and 

huggy.' -Hobbes" 

-Bill Watterson 

McKendree Gordon 

Hometown: Ambler, PA 
Major: Applied Music, Voice 

"I have told you these things, so 
that in me you may have peace. 
In this world you will have 
trouble. But take heart! I have 
overcome the world." 
-John 16:33 

Jonathan Thomas 

Hometown: Everett, WA 
Major: Music and Music Perfor- 
mance, Voice 
Minor: Bible 

"No, in all these things we are more than 
conquerors through him who loved us. 
For I am convinced that neither death nor 
life, neither angels nor demons, neither 
the present nor the future, nor any 
powers, neither height nor depth, nor 
anything else in all creation will be able to 
separate us from the love of God that is in 
Christ Jesus our Lord."-Romans 8:37-39 

Katherine Rhett Lee 

Hometown: Charleston, SC 
Major: Psychology 

"Prone to wander Lord, I feel it. 
prone to leave the God I love: 
Here's my heart, O take and seal 
it, seal it for Thy courts above." 
-Robert Robinson 

148 People: Seniors 

Jennifer Gail 
Lej ler 

Hometown: 1 lickorv, NC 
Major: Elementary Education 

"My goal is [knowing] God 

Himself, not joy nor peace, nor 

even blessing, but Himself, my 

God" --Oswald Chambers 

Taylor Alexander Long 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: English 

Minor: Art 

"I am the mighty machine." 

Julia Mary Loud 

Hometown: Corapolis, PA 

Major: IDS: Business, Sociology, 

and English 

"Yet I am not ashamed, because I 

know whom I have believed, 

and am convinced that he is 

able to guard what I have 

entrusted to him for that day." 

--II Timothy 1:12 

Abigail Ann Lundelius 

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX 
Major: Philosophy 
Minor: Music 

"In the gladness oi the moment 
nothing will be half so lovely as the 
voice of the King when He says: 'Read, 
and know how you sped the King's 
service.'" --K.D. Wiggin 

Nathan Christopher 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Major: Biblical Studies and ICS 

"It's a tough promise to make 
after you've tasted the sweetness 
of the lips." —Carl Daniel Baker 

Sarah Natanya Martin 

Hometown: Farmington Hills, 


Major: English 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"I do believe; help me overcome 
my unbelief." -Mark 9:24 

People: Seniors 149 

Austina Burton 

Hometown. ..What's that? 

Major: History 

Minor: Sociology 

"Love so amazing, so divine, 

demands my soul, my life, my 

all." --Isaac Watts 

Catherine Harley 

Hometown: Summerville, SC 

Major: Elementary Education 

Minor: Spanish 

"Now to him who is able to do 

immeasureably more than we ask 

or imagine, according to his power 

that is at work within us, to him be 

glory in the church and in Christ 

Jesus throughout all generations, 

for ever and ever! Amen." 

-Ephesians 3:20-21 

Grace Kim McLellan 

Hometown: Shalimar, FL 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Sociology 

"But they that wait upon the 

Lord shall renew their strength; 

they shall mount up with wings 

as eagles, they shall run and not 

be weary, they shall walk and 

not faint." --Isaiah 40:31 

Holly Michele 

Hometown: Orlando, FL 
Major: IDS: Art, Missions and 

"My dreams are not the issue 
here. For they, the hammer 
holds." -Bebo Norman 
"But what things were gain to 
me, these I have counted loss for 
Christ." —Ephesians 3:7 

"Ya tibya lublu." 

Annamarie Meyer 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Elementary Education 

"The Christian teacher makes his work 
an offering to God (Col. 3:23-24). He 
does not work primarily for pay, 
although a laborer is worthy of his hire; 
he does not work primarily for the 
applause of men, although the honest 
appreciation of others is something for 
which he can be sincerely grateful; and 
he does not work primarily for personal 
satisfaction, although being fulfilled in 
one's vocation is one of God's greatest 
blessings. Rather, he performs his task 
for one greater than self, even Jesus 
Christ, and discovers that all other needs 
are provided for him" —Norman Harper 

Maryrose Elizabeth 

Hometown: Cave Creek, Arizona 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 

"'Just teach me to be the wind 
for a few moments,' the boy said. 
'So you and I can talk about the 
limitless possibilities of people 
and the winds'." 
—The AJchemist 

150 People: Seniors 

Joshua Nathaniel 

Hometown: Las Cruces, NM 
Major: History 
Minor: Philosophy and Educa- 
tion, Non-Certification 

"Every believer knows more evil 

of himself than any other. He 

knows that he is the chief of 

sinners, and therefore does he 

feel, what an infinite wonder 

that Christ loved mc." -Robert 

Murray McCheyne 

Julie Claire Moore 

Hometown: Greenwood, SC 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: Biblical Studies 

"There is only one relationship 

that matters, and that is your 

personal relationship to a 

personal Redeemer and Lord. 

Let everything else go, but 

maintain that at all costs, and 

God will fulfill His purpose 

through your life." —Oswald 


Nola Ann Muir 

Hometown: New Braunfels, TX 

Major: History 

Minor: Sociology 

"Therefore we also, since we are 

surrounded by so great a cloud of 

witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, 

and the sin which so easily ensnares us, 

and let us run with endurance the race 

that is set before us, looking to Jesus, 

the author and finisher of our faith 

who for the joy that was set before him 

endured the cross, despising the 

shame, and has sat down at the right 

hand of the throne of God." 

-Hebrews 12:1,2 

Jonatlmn Moore 

} lometown: Charleston, SC 
Major: Psychology 

"Honor all people. Love the 
brotherhood. Fear God. Honor 
the King." -I Peter 2:17 

Kristin Joye Mussehnan 

Hometown: Seneca, SC 
Major: English 

"If I find in my heart a desire 
which no experience in the 
world can satisfy, the most 
probable explanation is that 1 
was made for another world." 
— C. S. Lewis 

Matthew Vincent 

Hometown: Lookout Moutain, 


Major: Biblical Studies and 

Philosophy & Religion 

Minor: Youth Ministry 

"We all, like regenerate maggots, 
crawl to Jesus Christ together." 
— Dr. Henry Krabbendam 

People: Seniors 151 

Nathanael Jacob Oster 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 

Major: Music Performance, 

French Horn 

"Come on folks. No boring 

singing! We've got enough 

boring singing in the world. 

they should make a bumper 

sticker that says 'Stamp out 

boring music!'" 

—Dr. John Hamm 

Matthew Alan Peters 

Hometown: Cuzco, Peru 

Major: Biology, Pre-Medicine 

Minor: Chemistry 

"Delight yourself in the Lord, 

and He will give you the desires 

of your heart." -Psalm 37:4 

Marion Elizabeth 

Hometown: Macon, GA 
Major: Biblical Studies 

"Not one of us lives for himself and 

not one of us dies for himself; for if 

we live, we live for the Lord, or if 

we die, we die for the Lord; 

therefore whether we live or die, 

we are the Lord's. For to this end 

Christ died and lived again that He 

might be Lord both of the dead 

and of the living." -Romans 14:7-9 

Jonathan Frederick 

Hometown: Fenton, Ml 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Philosophy 

"To regard knowledge as 
ignorance is wise, but to regard 
ignorance as knowledge is 

Matthew James 

Hometown: Wheaton, IL 
Major: Business Administration 
Minor: Accounting 

"Do little things as if they were 
great, because of the majesty of 
the Lord Jesus Christ, who 
dwells in thee; and do great 
things as if they were little and 
easy, because of his omnipo- 
tence" —Pascal 

Corrin JoAnna Ranney 

Hometown: Green Bay, WI 
Major: Biblical Studies and 

"The whole life of the good Christian is holy 



"Sadly, many of us have been led to feel that 
somehow we ought to want less, not more.... 
Anybody can look holy if she's killed her heart, 
the real test is to have your heart burning 
within you and have the patience to enjoy 
what there is now to enjoy, while waiting with 
eager anticipation for the feast to come." 
-John Hdredge, "The Sacred Romance" 

152 People: Seniors 

Bryonie Alice Rayburn 

Hometown: Tacoma, WA 

Major: Piano Performance 

Minor: French 

I belie\ e i !od made me for a 

purpose- tor I' hi 1 le also 

made me fast. When I run, I feel 

His pleasure. Not to run would 

be to hold 1 lim in contempt." 

—Eric Liddle, Chariots of Fire 

Tracey Annette Record 

Hometown: Ringgold, GA 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Talk is cheap, and the ones 

doing the talking are cheap." 

— Anonymous 

Andrew Jonatlian Ross 

Hometown: Lenk, MA 
Major: Philosophy and Sociology 

"Em coming to take them away, 

ha ha." —Dr. Davis 

"The sea was angry that day my 

friends, like an old man trying 

to send back soup in a deli..." 

-George Costanza 

"Ya know, hot grease is great 

because it's so amazingly hot." 

— Ty (Bentwee) Willison 

"This dude abides." --The dude 

Timothy Allen Rowe 

I lometow n: Bo/eman, XI I 

Major: History 

Minor: Education, Non-Cerliti- 


"You see, the sad thing about a guy like 
you is that in 50 years you're going to 
start doing some thinking on your own 
and you're going to come up with the 
tact that there are two certainties in lite. 
One, don't do that. And two, you 
dropped a hundred and fifty grand on 
an education you could have gotten lor a 
dollar fifty in late charges at the library." 
Will Hunting, Caul Will Hunting 

Emily Ann Sanders 

Hometown: Kernersville, NC 
Major: Environmental Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 

"She is always and never the 
same." —Unknown 

"Remember who loves you." 

"Cause I don't believe in half- 
hearted devotion." —Jade 

Frederick (Fritz) 
Cliarles Sdiahno 11 

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Major: IDS: Sociology, English 
and Philosophy 
Minor: Youth Ministry 

"Those that are dropped on 
their heads as children are 
peculiar people." -Frank 

People: Seniors 153 

Andrew Michael 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 

Major: Business Administration 

Minor: Accounting 

"For I am convinced that neither 

death nor life, neither angels nor 

demons, neither the present nor the 

future, nor any powers, neither 

height nor depth, nor anything else 

in all creation, will be able to 

separate us from the love of God 

that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." 

-Romans 8:38, 39 

Matthew Thomas 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 

Major: Biologv 

Minor: Psychology, Chemistry, 

and Art 

"I went to the woods because I 

wished to live deliberately, to front 

only the essential facts of life, and to 

see if I could not learn what it had to 

teach, and not, when I came to die, 

discover that I had not lived." 

—Henry David Thoreau 

Edward Laster Silva 

Hometown: Canton, GA 
Major: Music 

"O Lord, you have searched me, 

and you know me." —Psalm 


"Does not the potter have the 

right to make out of the same 

lump some pottery for noble 

purposes and some for common 

use?" -Romans 9:21 

Michael Asher Sloan 

Hometown: Powhatan, VA 
Major: Philosophy and Religion 

"A noble spirit embiggens the 

smallest man." 

— Jebediah Springfield 

Ashley Elizabeth Smith 

Hometown: Asheville, NC 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Education, Non-Certifi- 

"Courage is fear that has said its 

Kristen Kelly Sotelo 

Hometown: Columbia, SC 
Major: Elementary Education 

"Be thou vision, O Lord, of my 
heart, naught be all else to me, 
save that thou art— thou my best 
thought by day or by night, 
waking or sleeping, thy pres- 
ence my light." 
-Ancient Irish Poem 

154 People: Seniors 

Jessica Anne Spalding 

Hometown: Eustis, FL 
Major: History 
Minor: Education, Non-Certifi- 
cation and Economic Develop- 

"My heart leaps when I behold a 

rainbow in the skv." 


Steplianie Lynn Sproul 

Hometown: Augusta, ME 
Major: Music, Voice 

"He lifted me out of the slimy 

pit, out of the mud and mire; he 

set my feet on a rock and gave 

me a firm place to stand. He put 

a new song in my mouth, a 

hymn of praise to our God." 

-Psalm 40:2-3 

Elizabeth Marie Stacey 

Hometown: Escondido, CA 

Major: English 

Minor: Music 

"Day by day and with each passing 

moment, strength I find to meet 

my trials here, trusting in my 

Father's wise bestowment, I've no 

cause for worry or fear. He whose 

heart is kind beyond all measure 

gives unto each day what he deems 

best—lovingly, its part of pain and 

pleasure, mingling toil with peace 

and rest." -Carolina Sandell Berg 

Elizabeth Jane Stewart 

Hometown: Lookout Mountain, 


Major: Elementarv Education 

Grades 4-8 

"My song is love unknown, mv 
Savior's love to me, Love to the 
loveless shown, that they might 
lovely be. O who am I, that for 
my sake my Lord should take 
frail flesh and die?" 
-Samuel Grossman 

Robert Aaron Stirling 

Hometown: Butler, PA 

Major: Biblical Studies and 


Minor: Youth Ministry 

"Whether life or death be mine, 
may Christ be magnified in me! 
If he has work for me to do, I 
cannot die." — Henrv Martvn 

love you, Mindy.' 

Kathleen Lydia Stortz 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 

Major: English 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on 
His name; make known among the 
nations what He has done, and 
proclaim that His name is exalted. 
Sing to the Lord, for He has done 
glorious things; let this be known 
to all the world. Shout aloud and 
sing for joy, people of Zion, for 
great is the Holy One of Israel 
among you." —Isaiah 12:4-6 

People: Seniors 155 

Emily Ryan Stout 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 
Major: Psychology 

'Alone looking at the mountain 
all the birds have flown lei- 
surely by. We never tire of 
looking at each other- only the 
mountain and I." —Li Bai 

"Stay the course!" 

Julia Faye Sivanson 

Hometown: Marietta, GA 

Major: Natural Science, Math 


Minor: Education 

"My God shall supply all your 

needs according to His riches in 

glory by Christ Jesus." 


Hosanna Alice 

Hometown: Lynden, WA 

Major: Philosophy 

Minor: Art 

'We lived in the wind and sand 

with our eyes on the stars." 

—Violet Thurn Cowden 

Jonathan David 

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA 
Major: Business Administration 

"How can someone so smart do 
[stuff] so stupid." —Luke Mount 

Holly Elizabeth Tolson 

Hometown: Orange Park, FL 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: English 

"Whom have I in heaven but 
you? And earth has nothing I 
desire besides you." 
-Psalm 73:25 

"Be still and know that I am 
God; I will be exalted among the 
nations, I will be exalted in the 
earth." -Psalm 46:10 

Eric Edward Towers 

Hometown: Orlando, FL 
Major: English 
Minor: Philosophy 

"Romance will screw you 


-Dr. Reg McLelland 

156 People: Seniors 

Warren Hairy Trice 

Hometown: Rocky Mount, VA 
Major: Business 

"My eyes are dry, my faith is 

old, my heart is hard, my 

prayers are cold. But 1 know 

how I ought to be, alive to vou, 

and dead to me. What can be 

done, tor an old heart like mine? 

Soften it up, with oil and wine. 

The oil is you, your spirit of 

love. Please wash me anew, in 

the wine of your blood." 

--Keith Green 

Winship Carter Vomer 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Major: Philosophy 

"Let us remember how good it 

was once here, when we were 

all together, united by a good 

and kind feeling which made 

us... better perhaps than we are." 

—The Brothers Karamazov 

Heidi Elizabeth Voltz 

Hometown: Spokane, WA 

Major: Business Administration 

Minor: Accounting 

"I have gone to look for myself. 
If I would return before I get 
back, please ask me to wait." 

David James Vreken 

1 [ometown: St. Catharines, 

Ontario, Canada 

Major: Math 

Minor: Secondary Education 

"O God, You have taught me 
from my youth; and to this day 
declare Your wondrous works." 
-Psalm 71: 17 

Jennifer Elisabeth 

Hometown: Orlando, FL 
Major: Elementary Education 

"God's will, done in God's way 
will never lack God's supply." 
—Hudson Taylor 

Justin "Wilson" Walton 

Hometown: Anchorage, AK 
Major: English 
Minor: Youth Ministry 

"The chief end of man is to 
glorify God BY enjoying him 
—John Piper 

"I'll be your Santa Claus!" 
— Ty Willison 

People: Seniors 157 

Damaris S. Wessel 

Hometown: Marseille, France 

Major: Biology, Pre-Medicine 

Minor: Chemistry 

"And finally, we see the 

brachiordialis again. Sure. 

Oops! That wasn't it, we cut the 

wrong thing... again." 

Carleton Tyler Willison 

Hometown: Naples, FL 

Major: IDS: Art, Bible, and 


"But remember, if you follow 

the path Christ took, don't 

promise yourself the good 

things of this world; He walked 

by a rough road— follow Him." 


Kirk Winters 

Hometowns: Ashland, OH and 

Wellington, FL 

Major: History 

Minor: Sociology 

"Delay is preferable to error." 

-Thomas Jefferson in a letter to 

George Washinton, 1792 

Daniel Martin Wykoff 

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV 
Major: Business 
Minor: Spanish 

"Blessed is the man who does 
not walk in the counsel of the 
wicked or stand in the way of 
sinners or sit in the seat of 
mockers. But his delight is in 
the law of the Lord, and on his 
law he meditates day and 
night." -Psalm 1:1-2 

Andre A. Yakolev 

Hometown: Semey, Kazakhstan 
Major: Business 

"Blessed is the man who finds 
wisdom, the man who gains 
understanding." -Proverbs 3:13 

"The fear of the Lord is the 
beginning of wisdom, and 
knowledge of the Holy One is 
understanding." —Proverbs 9:10 

Kristme Rose Zacharias 

Hometown: Tucson, AZ 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Art 

"What language shall I borrow to 
thank thee, dearest friend, for this thy 
dying sorrow, thy pity without end? 

make me thine forever; and should 

1 fainting be, Lord, let me never, 
never out-live my love to thee." 
-Bernard of Clairvaux 

"I had to walk the rocks to see the 
mountain view, but looking back I 
see your lead of love." 
-Caedmon's Call 

158 People: Seniors 

People: Seniors 159 


Daniel Adams Elizabeth Adams Michael Agate 

Tiffany Albertson 

Jade Alger 

Lindsay Alls 

Beth Anderson Kelly Anderson Meagan Anderson Todd Anderson Christine Andrews Laura Annessi 

t m i 

Emily Baldschun Jane Baldschun 

Aim'ee Banks Anne Barbieri Leslie Barkema 

Ginny Barker 

' at, Bart er 


Michael Barker 

Jamie Barrett 

John Batusic Rebekah Beard Christopher Bech i 

160 People: Underclassmen 

Jake Bennett 

Kate Bennett Heidi Bentson 

Tim Bentson 

Jane Berry 

Curran Bishop 

Kristine Brangwin Kathrine Brightbil 

mmm i 

Rebekah Brghtbill Nathan Brinkerhoff 

Peter Brinkerhoff 

Danielle Broadway- 

People: Underclassmen 161 

David Caines April Callahan Ben Calvert Sara Camenisch Willie Cameron Sara Campbell 

Erin Childress Kirsfin Chisholr 

Adrienne Christopher Danny Clark 

._. _ _ 

Kelly Clarks 

Shea Clmgerman 

Emily Clutcher 

Tim Cobb 

Wim Codingt' 

Rodney Collins 

162 People: Underclassmen 

John Cunnings Chris Cushenberry April Dager Christy Danner Ryan David: 

Michelle DeBoer Atria Denni; 

Stephen De 

Rebecca DePrine 


Noelle DeRuyter Whitney Dey 

Amanda Duff ie Shannon Dunk in 

Andy Eisenbraun 

People: Underclassmen 163 

Chari' Emerson 

Josh Emrich 

if 1 
Rich Everett Phil Farmer 

? *adetj 

I v 97-9 

Elizabeth Farnsworth Jared Farquhar 

Sarah Funke 

Emily Gallamore Asha Garretson Katie Garriot 

Peter Gay 

Christine Gensch 

Crystal Geoghegan Debby Gifford 

A H 

Mary Grace Ruth Godfrey 


Mane Gonzalez John Goodman 

Ben Grady 

Luke Grady 

164 People: Underclassmen 

Hoyt Halvorson Mary Alice Hamby Cliff Hamilton 

Angela Harris 

Dabney Hayes 

Lonnie Hamilton 

Alina Hansinger 

Ashley Harbert Ben Hardesty Claire Hargrove Kristina Harle> 

Abby Harrell Elizabeth Harrell 

i Hart 

Rebecca Hash Cameron Hastie Joel Hawbaker 

Jma Hawk 


Josh Hayes 

Amelia Heath 

Justin Hecht 

People: Underclassmen 165 

Jelyne Helms Valerie Henderson Andrew Hendley Christine H 

Luke Herron 


bn I V 

Dan Henry 

Keresa Heyse 

Mary Higgms Michelle Higgms Tabitha Higgins 

Janelle Hensley 

Lindsay Hil 

Paul Hinks 

Katherine Hirsh Emily Hitchn 

Brie Hodgson 

Lynea Hofseth Matthew H 


Jonathan Hubbard Abigail Hudson Meagan Hudson Ben Huff ine Anna Lauren Hunt Rebecca Hurley 

166 People: Underclassmen 

J'e ;. ' j /"j" Ben Kellogg 

Bridget Kennedy Sarah Kennedy 

Paul Kent 

Libby Kern 

Laura Knowle 

Jesse Kr 

Kelly Kodatt 

Kristi Koetje 

Chris Kornman Becky Kozeny 

People: Underclassmen 167 

Mike Krom Jonathan Krueger Matthew Krueger Brandon Kruis 

Amy Kyle 

Rebecca Lamont 

Bethany LoPiccolo Claire Lowe 

Jason Luther 

Fredrick Lutz Rob MacDougall Richard Macey 

168 People: Underclassmen 

Katie Magee Kevin Magnuson Stephen Majauskas Jessica Mall 

Justin Malone Kathryn Malone 

Meg Meiners Sarah Meiners 

John Melton 

Aaron Mesh 

Brien Meyer 

Charity Millette 

People: Underclassmen 169 

Deirdre Nawrocki 

Jay Nelson 

Holly Neugard Emmaline Newman Bob Nickles 

Debbie Nisbet Christine Norwood Andrew Novenson Laura O'Del 


Pes cH 

Brynne Osborn 

Nat Osbc 

Crystal Osborne Laura Osborne 

John Ottinger 

Beth Painter 

170 People: Underclassmen 

Rebekah Pannkuk Moni Pappas Dong Won Park Ben Parker Joy Lynne Parker Korbin Parker 

Susannah Peri 


Esther Peters Jack Peterson Joel Pettigrew 

Caitlm Pettit 

Leslie Pfister 

VI i 

malia Powers Chris Powers Michael Powers Suzanne Prager Jackie Pribyl Nicole Pribyl 

Elizabeth Proko Erica Racen 

Nathan Raih 

Heather Rantal Aaron Rapier Caleb Rapier 

People: Underclassmen 171 

Evangeline Rayburn Moriah Rayburn 

Joey Redd 

Abigail Reed 

Joanna Rees 

Mary Rehlin 

172 People: Underclassmen 

Bert Rutgers 

Julionne Savage Amy Schalansky Jessica Schlup Michael Schout Monica Schrupp Daphyn Schick 

tidi Schuringa Christy Scroggins Emily Shaw 


Jenny Sheehan Ashley Sherbondy Rhonda Shore 

Heather Simpson 

Anna Smith Christal Smith Chris Smith Emily Smith Nicholas Smith Taylor Smith 


Rebekah Sotelo Phou Soundara 

Elijah Stephens Kathryn Sterling 

Adam Stewart 

Andrew Stewart 


Kate Stewart 

Annie Stott 

People: Underclassmen 173 


Barbara Strong 


Mark Swanson 


Jesse Str 

Kevin Struyk 

Christina Tamminga Kristen Tanner 

Trevor Taylor Rachel Templeton Carrie Thomas 

Maria Thomas 

174 People: Underclassmen 


John Uthlaut 

Joy Vaughn 

Peter Vaughn 

Esther Vogel 

Dan Voogt Wendi Wallace Bob Walenga 

Clay Walkup 

rian Walton Cooper Warren Hannah Warren Heidi Warsing Rachel Watanabe 

Octavius Wright Rachel Wright Rebecca Wright 

People: Underclassmen 175 

176 People: Underclassmen 

Claudette Andrews - Telephone/Operator & Receptionist 

Robert Ashlock - Education/Professor 

Don Bailey - Grounds/Supervisor 

Suzy Bakke - Office of Records/Assistant (Master of Education) 

Carolyn Ballard - Human Resources/Assistant 

Betty Barham - Accounting/Administrative Assistant 

Jeff Barr - Instructional Technology/Director 

John David Bower - Student Development/Resident Director - 

Maclellan Hall 

Frank Brock - President 

Bruce Brown - Technology Services and Programming/Technician 

David Brown - M&O/HVAC Technical Assistant 

Jeanell Brown - Music/Associate Professor 

Phillip Brousard - Physics/Associate Professor 

Cathy Brumgard - Office Services/Assistant 

Bob Bryan - Information and Computer Sciences/Associate 


Keith Case - Admissions/Assistant Regional Director 

Ray Clark - Biblical Studies/Associate Professor 

Carol Collier - Quest/Office Assistant 

Carol Corn - Accounting/Clerk 

Angela Counts - Quest/Academic Advisor 

Kimberly Crocker - Library /Technical Assistant 

Marjorie Crocker - Technology Services and Programming/Chief 

Information Officer 

Phyllis Crooks - Accounting/Controller 

Brian Crossman - PE/Associate Professor, Athletic Director, and 

Soccer Coach 

Douglas Dalrymple - Physical Plant/Assistant Director 

Bill Davis - Philosophy/Associate Professor 
Bill Dennison - Interdisciplinary/Associate Professor and 
Basketball Coach 

Chris Dodson - Accounting/Associate Professor 
Rebecca Dodson - AV Services/Director and Master of Educa- 
tion/Assistant Director 
Charles Donaldson - Chemistry/Professor 

D. C. Dreger - Development/Director 

Troy Duble - Admissions/Director of Constituent Relations 

Corey Dupree - M&O/Campus Safety and Security Coordinator 

Karen Emerson - Music/Secretary 

Jonathan Entrekin - Student Development/Residence Director - 

Carter Hall 

People: Faculty 177 

Suzi Entrekin - Student Development/Practical Service Assistant 
Tad Evearitt - Technology Services and Programming/Help Desk 


Tim Evearitt - Education/Professor 

Brent Faulk - Admissions/Assistant Director 

Jack Fennema - Education/Professor 

Brian Fikkert - Economics/Associate Professor and Chalmers 


Denis Fogo - Publications/Coordinator of College Relations 

Cliff Foreman - English/Associate Professor 

David Friberg - Music/Associate Professor 

Virginia Garrison - Quest/Associate Director 

Arthur Gauthier - B.E.S.T/Maintenance Assistant 
Don Graham - Education/Professor and Student Development/ 


Wilma Graham - Office of Records/Office Manager 

Artie Green - B.E.S.T./Supervisor 

Jay Green - History/Assistant Professor 

Susan Green - Student Development/Administrative Assistant 

Herman Griggs - M&O/Preventitive Maintenance Specialist 

Sharyl Griggs - Career Development/Assistant Director 

Daphne Haddad - Education/Associate Professor and Diversity 

Scholarship Recipient Program/Director 

Camille Hallstrom - Communication/Associate Professor 

John Hamm - Music/Professor 
Bob Harbert - Business Office/Vice President of Administration 

and Finance 

Mike Hardie - Academic Affairs/Director of Experiential Studies 

Carolyn Hays - Student Financial Planning/Coordinator 

Paul Hesselink - English/Professor and Maciellan Scholars 


Bill Higgins - M&O/Electrician 

Eddy Hilger - Admissions/Assistant Director 

Henry Hilliard - M&O/Supervisor 

David Hoover - Business Administration/Associate Professor 

Philip Horton - Education/Professor 

Kent Huff - Grounds/Equipment Maintenance Foreman 

Margaret Huffine - Quest/Recruiter 

Gary Huisman - Library /Librarian 

Dot Hunter - Purchasing/Director 

Karen Hunziker - B.E.S.T./Custodian - Probasco Visitor's Center 

178 People: Faculty 

Rachel Jimenez - Conference and Special Events/Assistant 

Jeremy Jones - Student Development/Resident Director - 

Founders Hall 

Stephen Kaufmann - Education/Professor 

Jerry King - Career Development/Director 

Henry Krabbendam - Biblical Studies/Professor 

Dale Lee - Physical Plant/Director 

Phil Little - M&O/Electrical Assistant 

Robert Littlejohn - Academic Affairs/Vice President 

Elysa Lochstampfor - Admissions/Assistant Office Manager 

Jack Lothers - Biology/Professor 

Pam Lucas - Admissions/Coordinator of Diversity Student 

Recruitment and Retention 

Paula Lynch - Admissions/Office Manager 

Dan MacDougall - Biblical Studies/Associate Professor 

Tricia Magnuson - President's Office/Secretary 

Russell Mask - Chalmers Center/Microenterprise Specialist 

Reg McLelland - Philosophy/Professor 
John McMillian - Quest/Associate Dean of Adult Education 
Larry Mehne - Chemistry /Professor 
Barbara Michal - Health Services/Director 
Dennis Miller - Academic Affairs/Dean of Academic Administra- 

Rodney Miller - Office of Records/Dean 

Lucas Mininger - Admissions/Director of Constituent Relations 

Ramona Moore - Student Financial Planning/Student Work 

Programs Coordinator 

Regina Moore - Telephone/Director of Telecommunications 

Tim Morris - Biology/Associate Professor 

Jeff Morton - Art/Assistant Professor 

Rebecca Morton - Student Financial Planning/Director 

Jack Muller - Sociology/Professor 

Tom Neiles - Modern Languages/Assistant Professor 

Lee Ozier - Office of Records/Associate Registrar 

Mike Parker - Chalmers Center/Director of Constituent 


Donald Petcher - Physics/Professor 

Ethan Pettit - Library/Assistant Librarian 

Ed Pickel - Quest/Program Recruiter 

Brian Pierce - Admission/Assistant Director 

People: Faculty 179 

Carol Pierce - Quest/ Academic Advisor/Administrative Assistant 
Harry Pinner - Institutional Research and Planning/Vice President 
Herb Politano - Auxilary Services/Director 
Patricia Ralston - English/Assistant Professor 
Brenda Rapier - Student Financial Planning/Assistant - Recep- 

Beverly Ridge - Quest/Office Manager 

Kathy Ross - Office of Records/Assistant (Quest) 

Marshall Rowe - Development/Director of Alumni Affairs 

Mike Rulon - Psychology/Associate Professor 

Michelle Saville - Academic Administration/Administrative 


Wilhelmus Schaffers - Math and Applied Sciences/Professor 

Beverly Scott - Office Services/Assistant 

Doug Sikkema - Maintenance/Assistant Carpenter 

Doug Sizemore - Informational and Computer Sciences/Professor 

& Academic Computing/Director 
Tami Smialek - PEAVomen's Athletic Director & Women's 

Basketball Coach 

Drake Smisson - Modern LanguagesAssistant Professor 
Randy Smith - Informational and Computer Sciences/Associate 


Joan Stanton - Academic Affairs/Administrative Assistant 

Timothy Steele - Music/Associate Professor 

Jane Stewart - Education/Secretary 

Ken Stewart - Biblical Studies/Associate Professor 

Margaret Stewart - Quest/Financial Planning Assistant 

Cathy Surgick - Student Financial Planning/Information Coordinator 

David Taylor - Athletics/Cross Country Coach 

Amy Townsend - Admissions/Assistant Regional Director 

Oliver Trimiew - Interdisciplinary Studies /Associate Professor 

Robert Uthlaut - Instructional Technology/Computer Technician 

Robert Veal - Maintenance/HVAC Technician 

Louis Voskuil - History/Professor 

Patty Waltermyer - Student Development/Chapel Secretary 

Linda Walton - Institutional Research and Planning /Assistant 

Jan Weaver - Admissions/Office Manager - Personal 

Jerry Wenger - Biology/Associate Professor 

Glen Wieldraayer - M&O/Carpenter 

Cindy Williamson - Office of Records/Administrative Assistant 

180 People: Faculty 

Way B ack When 

Jonathan Entrckin, 1994 

Barb Schreur, 1987 

People 181 

182 People 

A Letter From 
the President 

It is a great privilege to congratulate the 
class of 2001 . When the college awards 
a degree, we award it saying, "With all 
the rights and privileges appertaining 
thereto. " You can be rightfully proud of 
your accomplishment. Statistics say that 
your education will enable you to earn 
more; be more effective in your commu- 
nity; and have greater opportunities for 
career choices and advancement. 

Such opportunities can have one of two 
effects. They may make you part of the 
new information age which is marked by 
a growing disparity between the rich and 
the poor (the educated and the unedu- 
cated), or your education may enable you 
to reach out to those who have not had 
similar opportunities, and provide help. 

If you are to be a member of a church that is relevant to the physical and spiritual needs 
of others, you must use your education to benefit others. 

This is the uniqueness of a Covenant education, of looking at the world through the lens 
of the bible. 

I pray we have served you well so that you can serve others, whether it be through 
business, education, medicine, government, science or the pastorate. May you go out 
into the world, humbly seeking to be of service, courageously standing for what is good 
and true and praiseworthy. 

Frank A. Brock 

People 183 

A Note From 

the Editors 

The day has finally arrived - we are not 
only finished with the 2001 Tartan, but we are 
finished with our three-year career working on 
the Covenant yearbook staff. These last three 
years have brought us many memories, some 
good friendships, and some self-reflection about 
our own sanity. We have learned how to del- 
egate responsibility, and how to pick up the 
slack when someone's work does not get done. 
We have learned infinite patience, and how to 
get things accomplished yesterday. And we 
have learned that the money made is not the 
only reward, but a job well done is worth much 

To our staff, thank you for all the work 
you put into this. Thank you for putting up 
with our disorganization and procrastination anC| 
with us. Thank your for on-time work and late 
work, which taught us patience. Thank you forj 
the important part which you played in produc- 
ing this book. 

To Bethany, thank you for the fun times 
we have had working together these last three 
years. Thank you for your humor and your 
sarcasm. Thanks for working so faithfully and 

doing so many tasks. 

To Mike, thank you for your encouraging words, for being patient with us, and for always asking if you 

can do anything to help. Thank you for carefully and thoroughly proofreading everything. 

To the Covenant community, thank you to all of you who turned in pictures or stories. We appreciate 

your help. We hope that you enjoy this year's book, and are able to look back at it years from now with fond 

memories of the 2000-2001 school year. 

Finally, we sincerely hope that in all that we have done this year and in every page of this book we have 

represented Covenant College's motto "In all things, Christ pre-eminent." May we all continually walk in the 

light of His word and give Him the glory that is due His name. 

1 84 Closins 

2001 Tartan 


Emily Jordan 

(other) Editor-in-Chief 

Nick Smith 

Section Editors 

Megan Bout well 

Janelle Hensley 

Bethany LoPiccolo 

Janine Tuininga 

Section Editors' Assistant 

Moni Pappas 




Hardi e 

The 2001 Tartan (volume 44) was published by 
Walsworth Publishing Company, located in Marceline, 
Missouri and represented by Bill Stoess. The book has 
216 pages (22 in color), and all pages use AWPC body 
and display fonts. All Scripture references are taken with 
permission from the Holy Bible, New King James Ver- 
sion (except for the exceptions). The entire book was 
laid out in Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 on Dell Dimension 
XPS R350's with Intel Pentium II processors. No, the 
theme is not supposed to be an attempt at integrating 
faith and learning; we just thought it looked cool in 
silver writing. 

Closing 185 

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transform this nation so that our faith and 
our culture honor His 
Word? It happened 
in the 16th 

century when 

John Knox 

lived out 



5554 N. Federal Highway 
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his heart's cry, "Give me Scotland or I die!" 
And it can happen here. 

That's what Knox Seminary is all about, 
equipping you in a personal, mentoring 
environment to have a world-changing 
impact in both the church and the culture. 
Founded by D. James Kennedy, Knox is a 
biblically-based and Reformed seminary 
that refuses to confine God's truths to a 
"stained-glass ghetto." Instead, R.C. 
Sproul, Robert L. Reymond, 
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faith to all of life. 

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Covenant College imprinted clothing and gift items 

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Molly Maddox 

Hometown: Gainesville, GA 

Major: English 

Minor: Youth Ministry 

Quote: "She kept asking if the stories were true. I 

kept asking her if it mattered. We finally gave up. 

She was looking for a place to stand and I wanted 

a place to fly^ —Brian Andreas 

Janine Tuininga 


&i: \\ .,,,., .'.■'.,: 

Hometown: Belhaven, NC 

Major: IDS 


Commit your works to the LORD, 

And your thoughts will be established. 

A man's heart plans his way, 

But the LORD directs his steps. 

Proverbs 16:3,9 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart 

and lean not on your own understanding; 

in all your ways acknowledge him, 

and he will make your paths straight. 

Proverbs 3:5,6 

Joel Swanson 

Jamin Scribner 

Hometown: West Buxton, ME 

Major: History and Sociology 

Quote: "She smiled, but not at me." --C.S. Lewis 

Advertisements 1 9 1 

Daniel Luke Cohee 

Covenant College 

Class of 2001 

Matthew Thomas 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, 
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give 
you hope and a 
Jeremiah 29: 1 1 

We are so thrilled to 
see the man you 
have become. It has 
been such a privi- 
lege to be your par- 
ents. A godly son is 
a blessing from the 

We love you! Mom & Dad 


You stand at 

the crossroads 

of the rest of 

your life. May 

God bless your 

endeavors. May you always walk humbly in His footsteps. 

May He use your talents mightily for His glory. May you 

experience His peace until the day He comes. 

With all our love. 

Dad and Mom 




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194 Closing 

Closing 195 

Wes Hollowell 

You have always been our "Superman. " We have been 
blessed to be your parents and have enjoyed guiding 
you these years that have passed so quickly. You also 
have impacted many lives along your journey. Lives 
that will be forever changed because of your caring 

and wise leadership. We will 
always be here for you, love 
you deeply, and wait expect- 
antly to see what God is going 
to do with and through you. 

Love from your "Superman 
fan club, 1 ' 

Dad, Mom, Drew, Katie, Meri-Leigh, and Olivia 

Matthew 11:12 "...the Kingdom of 
Heaven has been forcefully advanc- 
ing, and forceful men lay hold of it. " 

■ L 

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Tor I know know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, 
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you 
hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come 
and pray to me and I will listen to you." Jeremiah 29:11-12 

You continue to bless all who know and love you. 

Generations will know God's love because of you. 

Mom, Dad, Matthew, Jonathan, 

Alison, Joel, & Caroline 

Ed Silva 

Dear Ed, 

May God continue to bless you and your walk in His will 
for your life. May you know and share His love and guid- 
ance in all that you are and do. Enjoy your heritage. We 
are blessed to have you in our lives. Be happy and joyous 
and peaceful. 

Your family, 
The Silvas 

Nicole Lise Horton 

"The Lord Himself goes before you and 
will be with you." --Deuteronomy 31:8 

Your times are in His hands! 

"How great is His goodness which He has 
stored up for thsoe who fear Him." 

--Psalm 31:19 

Our love and prayers go wtih you, 
Dad,Mom, and Leslie 

Elizabeth Marie Stacey 

Beth, you have persevered through so many 

obstacles to complete your degree at Covenant. 

We are so proud of you. We pray that you will 

continue to faithfully follow HIS gracious leading 

in your life in the years to come. Psalm 37:3-6 

Love Forever; Dad and Mom 

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Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you 
the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the 
Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it. 

--Psalm 37:4, 5 

Kristine, we are so proud of you. Your accomplish- 
ments at Covenant are a blessing to us. 

We love you, Bean. 
Always, Mom and Dad 


"No regrets." --Dad 
My love for you is strong 
and true." —Mom 

Maryrose Miller 

Each day of 

your life, we 

have delighted 

in the gift of 

who you are 

from God. We 

are so proud of 

you as you move 

into your adult 

life. We look forward to seeing how you 

will continue to impact your world. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


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Covenant Grad 
Class of 2001 

Your family cheered when you 
graduated from kindergarten. We 
applauded your high school 
accomplishments. Our profound 
joy at your college graduation is 
equal only to our gratitude to God 
for a wonderful gift named Holly. 

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, 
And she smiles at the future". 

Proverbs 31:25 

We pray that God will bless you and grant you a wonderful 
future. It's Providential history waiting to be written! 

With great love, 

To Tootsie and Babe. 

Mom and Dad 

Hosanna Alice Tamminga 

Like a Shepherd caring for his sheep, 
my God supplies for my every need. 
Pastures green, and quiet waters are 
beside me as I walk His way. He leads 
in paths of righteousness as I'm walking 
with my Lord each day. Psalm 23 

He leadeth me. 
He leadeth me, 
The quiet waters by. 
He leadeth me, 
He leadeth me, 
The quiet waters by. 
A. .a. a. men 

Singing with 
you & for you. 

Advertisements 199 

Jessica Hudson 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, 

'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you 

hope and a future." --Jeremiah 28: 1 1 


200 Advertisements 

Emily Jane Boatright 

Congratulations! We all love you. 

For from Him and to Him and through Him are all things, 
to whom be glory forever. —Romans 11:3b 

Nathan Lloyd Early 

We couldn't be prouder! 

You've always gone your own way, and 

you've done very well people would say, 

so stand tall and strive to do your very 

very best. 

A little luck, a lotta love, and the Good 
Lord will take care of the rest! ! 

Giddy up tall man!! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Advertisements 201 

Andrew Steven Kinzler 

We love you. —Dad, Mom, 
Wendell, and Taylor 

Zephaniah 3:17b "He rejoices 
over you with singing." 

Philippians 1:6 "...being confi- 
dent of this very thing, that He 
who has begun a good work in 
you will complete it until the 
day of Jesus Christ." 

Nick Herndon 

Dear Nick, 

Wasn't this taken just last week? 
My, how time flies! From Legos to 
law, you've been such a blessing. 

Congratulations on all your accom- 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Bethany, and Katie 

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Katie Stortz Polski 


We have no greater joy 
than to hear that our 
children are walking in 
the truth. " —3 John 4 

We love you Katie, 
Mom and Dad, 
Erin and Bekah 

Maryanne Challies 


It is our deepest desire that you walk the narrow 

path of life throughout the years God gives you. 

may God's blessing be on you and Pat as you 

have chosen to walk this path together. 

Much Love, Mom and Dad 

Kristin Elissa Fray 

"Follower of 

"Consecrated to 

. . 

He will cover you with His feathers, and under 
His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulnes 
will be your shield and Rampart. -Psalm 91:4 

You are a precious gift from God. We love you 
so very much. Dad, Mom, and Matthew 

Advertisements 203 

Jamin Andrew Scribner 


We are very proud of you. 

Love, Dad, Mom & Jeff 

"The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you, The LORD 

lift His countenance upon you and give you peace. 
Numbers 6:24-26 NASV 

Matthew James Potoshnick 

Trust in the Lord with all you heart 

and lean not on your own understanding; 
in all your ways acknowledge him, 
and he will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3: 5-6 

We love you and are proud of you. We 
appreciate all your hard work. 
Mom and Dad 


The light of the Lord has always shone through 

your eyes. I thank God for you and the loving, 

faithful woman you have become. May God bless 

you now and always in your walk with Him. May 

His light shine forever in your eyes. 

Like the applause of the leaves when the wind 

visits, I celebrate you today. 

Love, Mom 

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For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our 

Lord Jesus Christ from whom the whole family in 
heayen and earth is named, that He would grant 
you, Ty, according to the riches of His glory, to be 
strengthened with might through His Spirit in the 
inner man, that Christ may dwell in your heart 
through faith: that you, Ty, being rooted and 
grounded in love, may be able to comprehend 

with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height - to know 
the love of Christ which passes knowledge: that you may be filled with all the 

fullness of God. 

We love you, Mem, Todd, and Tim 

Advertisements 205 

Jennifer Gail Lefler 

We are delighted that you are using the gifts and 
talents God has given to you to glorify Him. 


Dad, Mom, and Will 

Philippians 1:3-6, NKJV 

"/ thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in 
every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy, for 
your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now be- 
ing confident ofthis very thing, that He who has begun a good 
work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. " 

Elisha David Godfrey 

Elisha, anything worth having is 
worth working for. By God's 
grace the education you've 
worked so hard to get will 
make you woeful for His King- 
dom! We are proud of you and 
love you dearly. 

Dad, Mom, Luke, Beth, Grace, 
Ruth, Paul, Silas 

Kris Clarkson 

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel 
of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in 
the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of 
the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. 
He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which 
yields its fruit in season and whose leaft does not 
wither. Whatever he does prospers. Psalm 1:1-3 

We love you! Mom and Dad 

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Zfou're. the end o-f the 7 ?ain6c nr_ 
Atyj^ot cf CjotcL, 
tjcu're DadcUj's (t'Hleg'ir/ 
To have, ccruL hold ; 
t/ou re Sugar, you 'r& ^sp/ C£. y 
^/ou're. Cven^tfana ruc^s, a net 

Amanda Jill Easton 

Congratulations on your graduation. 

We are very proud of you. 

God bless. 

Love always, 

from all the family 

Monique Elise Good 

Dear Monique, 

From breakfasts with Josh to the blessing of minuit 

From your first trip to Aix to your summer painting there 
We rejoice in your growth at Covenant. 

Keep asking Questions! 

You have such insight and humor inside. 

You have Buda's contagious laugh. 

What a great way God has given you to bless 

and delight people. 

We will never stop praying 

That the Joy of the Lord will be your strength, and 
That your love may abound more and more in knowledge 
and depth of insight. (Phil. 1:9-11) 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Josh, and Bekah 

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208 Closin 

- J sr 


Closing 209 

210 Closing 

Closing 2 1 1 



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■ "*■ :.. 




Closing 2 1 5 




v . " ' *** *•* **>« * ntm , 

H4 I 



\ •*' 

. ,»- 


m ■ 








cJn ffte C£izhl 

, •.x-